How do you meditate for over 15 minutes without falling asleep?

Genz F.
Start with gratitude, think for all the good things happened or happening around you, then shift your focus on your breathe ,slowly and steadily. Focus on all the stimulations in your body as in how the bed is, your posture etc.

Sheila Q.
It was difficult at first I kept falling asleep so now I do it on the couch with my legs propped up on a long table slightly bent. I don't know if I relax as fully but I know if I fall asleep I will wake up in agony so it relaxes me enough that I sleep better but don't waste the meditation in the process. Hope that helps, it's what works for me. Good luck and be flexible with yourself!

Chris N.
Sleep more at night. Do a power nap. Meditate for a shorter period of time. Select a position to meditate that makes it difficult to fall asleep. Sleeping at night is key to fixing many problems. Sleeping at least seven hours makes a high difference. Remember, seven hours I. Bed is not seven hours of sleep.

Sophie N.
Make sure you are sitting upright or sitting on the floor rather than in a position where you are more likely to fall asleep such as lying down. During meditation you should feel relaxed but also alert so try to engage with the practise more or use guided meditations to help you stay focused.