Which one of your guided meditation is doable and optimal in a bath? I’m thinking of adding a ritual, once a week, which consists of just meditating a few minutes in a bath with essential oils and candles, but meditating in a position where you’re not completely laid down nor seated might not be the best option. Any advice?

Sara J.
I heard Richard Rohr talk to Oprah about how positions like lotus and so on matter far less than openness. Receptivity. Making space. Saying yes to love and acceptance and life. All those things can happen in the bath, regardless of position.

Elina N.
To be honest, meditate in whatever position you can be in comfortably. If you can relax in the position, you can meditate in it. I often meditate while laying down in the morning, but I’ve meditated while half reclined in a chair. It’s about relaxing the body, then relaxing the mind. Don’t worry too much about it.

Jerry F.
You can meditate in any position. Because of my severe pain the best position for me was lounging on bolsters and sportive devices. I would do a body scan to relax muscles and tension. Or deep breathing exercises for rejuvenation and releasing the toxicity’s from the lungs.

Gabriella T.
Not a meditation expert but I can see why meditating in the bath would be a bad idea. You are probably a little more relaxed and receptive to the meditation. I would try the child and the sage. That one really hit home for me.

Storm U.
I use the headspace app. I would assume any meditation would be appropriate as long as you keep a straight back. I’m not an expert but I think I might try this now. So, thanks!

Wibke F.
Meditation can be done in any position you are comfortable in. This can be sitting, standing, liying, etc. So you'll be fine with your bath salts,oils and candles
Just make sure you're comfortable!