How do I strengthen the mediation effects?

Isobel J.
I think you can upgrade the effects by trying to see new thing every moment
and live like there’s already second time that you are livin your life and your dedication is to enjoy every moment
do what you love but do it with patience and enjoy the process

Lea G.
what is worth it?
Anything and everything you want to write about. Your day, you’re experiences, memories, wins, losses, aims and aspirations, stories made in your imagination. Just go wild.
What people write?
I can’t say generally but everything I mentioned above and more are the things I write. Good luck with whatever you choose to write.
I hope i answered your question.

Ynwa68 N.
Deeper breaths help to strengthen meditation also try to do it when distractions are from A little to zero and capture your mind try to stop it from thinking