How do you meditate: lying, seating, walking, standing? With your eyes open or closed?

Pamela C.
I sometimes lie down with my legs up because it helps my back. But I feel when I sit up I am more alert. I keep my eyes closed.
Allison W.
I meditate laying down with my eyes closed in dim lighting (e.g. Dark room with candles lit) most of the time. Or else in a peaceful and quiet place like the park or a beach.
Alizee Z.
I meditate in a seated position. I typically transition from eyes open to eyes closed within the first few minutes. The transition from eyes open to closed just happens naturally when my mind is ready.
Anjieleena N.
I mediate by lying down,seating down both in a upright straight position, and standing mainly either by a wall or near somewhere where I am able to balance myself properly. I also mediate by having my eyes mainly either totally closed or semi closed and sometimes totally open.
Thea Z.
Lying down in bed at night to help me sleep focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind may induce my sleep state. Sometimes I meditate while sitting eyes closed helps me focus easier. I get to distracted if my eyes are open.
Aimz N.
Usually lying with my eyes closed but I feel like you’re meant to sit up but my back always hurts when I do as I have bad posture. I might try and meditate sitting up more.