What are the changes after comsistently meditate? Is that that good? I have tried only three time consecutively and still don’t see the difference within me yrt

Elif N.
Once you learn to meditate deeply, means that you really shut down everything around you and forget your struggles and everything else from your daily life that makes you overthink, it feels like you are "looking into yourself" while meditating. Combined with focusing on your breath, it makes you more calm because you forget the negative for once. Through one Fabulous challenge I also learned that I can meditate anywhere and everytime even with my eyes open, and that can really calm you down anytime.
Matthew X.
Hello. I get that you think that meditation is kind of useless but its like learning something new. At first it's kind of weird and new but if you keep being consistent you'll realise you will start to get more self-awareness and have les stress and anxiety overall. You will also be calmer and more comfortable in most situations. Don't expect major results after your first few times. Change requires time and consistency. You will get there eventually, just keep going !!!