Should i be imagining something while meditating, or just exprience being present in silence and in the no where

Warren U.
I believe you just need to concentrate on your breathing and let it take you where it will. If a thought comes you acknowledge it and let it pass. When I’ve really let go through meditation i experienced a deep calming purple. It was amazing. So enjoy the silence in the no where
Julio F.
There is no right answer here. There are many different exercises you can do to train the body, and the same goes for the mind. Do some research into different kinds of meditation and what you think will help you the most. If you're a beginner, i personally recommend you start with awareness
Aaron J.
I think it's supposed to be just being silent and still. I use guided meditation. I also use meditation to think and feel, figure out what's going on inside me my emotions and thoughts.
Thibaut Z.
I like to listen to calming sounds like rain fall or waves crashing on the beach or even crickets (since I'm a county bumpkin 😂) it helps me slow my heart rate and focus on relaxing. Silence makes my brain go nuts so I choose to have something to focus on. 😁
B R Nice T.
I think if your mind wanders too much, I would used the guided meditation. If you can keep your mind clean on your own, the bells are good I think
Jamie R.
For me Meditating is about observing and creating space for the deeper processes in my mind. This varies a bit each time I meditate. So the annoying answer is yes, both. Being present in the silence and the nowhere is important to create a space for meditation, as the constant inner dialogue and daydreams and thoughts will drown out the deeper processes. However, in a deep meditation you may find visionary images, meaningful imagining and lucid dreaming occur – go with it and see if it reveals deeper truths about yourself and your life.
Nikolaj C.
When I meditate, I try to be in that moment, keep my mind in one place. When we're going through our day, our minds are going going going nonstop, we are never truly in the moment doing something. It's very difficult to do when you're going through your day, but for me, I use my time meditating to practice centering my mind into those few minutes, and if it wanders I gently bring it back to the moment. Some people like to imagine things when they meditate (ex: a peaceful place they can retreat to when they're stressed or need time to recharge), others like to envision their surroundings at that moment, and some people like to picture or "feel" energy moving through their bodies. It definitely takes practice, I'm still practicing myself, but it helps relieve tension you may feel or helps give you a monent of peace.
Michel T.
Consider a meditation coach. There a variety of means of meditation and different ones serve different purposes. But if you don’t know what to do just focus on your breath, stay in the present moment noticing what you are experiencing physically, emotionally, and spiritually, remaining in the moment and not judging the experience. When you wonder, just bring yourself back to your breath.