Which type of meditation you like to practice most?

Karl Georg U.
The short 12 minute meditation with chimes but without verbal guidance. I like to get lost in the sounds and focus on breathing and visualization. Talking is too distracting and silence puts me to sleep.
Sevim O.
Guided meditation in Oak app, with guiding voice and bell reminding me to stay focused. Each week I add 5 more minutes to meditation time.
Noa Q.
I love The View From Above and The Value Of The Present, as these meditations I think could be applied to so many people. Too often are we worried about the future and it’s consequences or self absorbed. I’m not saying “don’t love yourself”, but it’d be ignorant of you to be okay with yourself knowing you could be hurting somebody. I was once this ignorant and the realisation hit me very hard. I wanted to grow and to have the strength to apologise and to also forgive myself, but it was with the help of these meditations that helped me. The power of repetition is real and I feel myself developing a greater mindset where I understand that every action that people make, is them trying their best. Even though their course of action is not the best, they are trying. Realise and understand this, and help them if you can.
Sarah X.
Well there are a few I like, The Low self-esteem. My the I like the most is The Relax and visualize. Also I like the one that says you should ho knyo a deep sleep, because I can't sleep at night but when I meditate to the deep sleep I start feeling tired before I know it I'm sleeping.
Paul J.
I do like just sitting down and thinking. I don’t use a specific type of meditation.

I’d like to resume doing the ciapassana as I remember it did really benefit me.

Tammy C.
Silence meditation: While sittin on a chair or the ground I follow my breath and count my in and exhale till 10. Before I start I first put all attention on my head, so I can think whay ever I like, then I move to my heart , to feel al what comes up and then I turn deeper in myself and start following my breath for 15 min.
Aiden U.
I like to do the 11-12 minute meditation during my lunch break during the week the most. It helps me to recharge and remind me to be grateful before going home at the end of the day.
Emma Z.
I use the headspace app. Great to do it in the morning. It gives excercises to practice throughout the day that help keep me present.
Felix W.
Mindfulness meditation, both of my thoughts and my surroundings.
I find it helps any other meditation practice as well to work deliberately on the basics, to be aware of your own thoughts and just sit with it.