What are some simple ways to meditate daily? How do you stay motivated to do it along with the rest of the evening routine? It feels like a chore.

Treese G.
I find it best to meditate at the very top of the morning. I read that when we wake up in the morning our brains are operating at a significant high rate. Therefore when I wake in the morning, I go to YouTube and turn on guided meditation. 🙂
Dimi O.
Hello beautiful soul! Actually I'm not motivated but the heart and soul go on their own, because they want the body to heal with them too. Meditation helps us in many things and motivation is something you will find in it too! Give credits to yourself for being here now! x
Christopher E.
I am trying to calm down enough to sit still- meditation is a ways off for me – I can usually manage about 3 minutes before I start thinking about things that trouble me
Sofia O.
A guide on YouTube. Letting myself do it alone won't work. My motivation is the streak(?). I mean, it feels good to know I did it but i hete doing it
Letitia A.
Short meditation so it's always done but lengthen when possible. Meditate is the last part of my routine, it eases me into sleep
Sophie P.
I go to the gym regularly and do body balance and yoga so meditating is within my weekly workouts.

I find that with my busy lifestyle with work and school and the gym I don’t have much time to relax so I make sure I reserve the time to meditate set an alarm and when it goes off I mediate as I know this might be the only time I can relax before bed.

Aquilino Z.
I can't give you a solid answer to that specific question, but I can make it clear that when you actually start doing it as a habit you will enjoy every second of it which can in turn make it feel a lot less like a chore. My tip for you in the current moment is to pick an earlier bedtime and try to meditate for 10 minutes right before going to bed, it will become mandatory to meditate otherwise you will find it difficult to fall asleep. And I know this sounds like more of a chore but it's a necessary step to creating that habit.
Melissa G.
I use guided meditation that's not too long because I'm just starting out and trying to make it a habit, once it's a habit it would stop feeling like a chore and it would become easy to do
Noga X.
It’s never a chore. I know it’s relaxing me and my body before sleeping. I love to do it and wait all day to the moment I’m doing this.
Stanley F.
Think of it as daily ritual, to start your day, to have a bright thoughts during the day. This will help you in making correct decisions. Understanding this motivates me to meditate daily.
Courtney P.
It took me a long time to establish a routine and follow it. As far as meditating I didn't like it at all. As much as I tried it. Honestly I just found an app called Balance that I enjoy there meditation much more. But I'm only on week 1.
Jeanne Y.
Do it when its more quiet, your mind should be quiet too so before you meditate clean your area and release all thoughts. To stay motivated i keep a note on my mirror to remind myself and it will then come naturally.
Spooky O.
You should start with meditating for 3 minutes a day then slowly increase the time you meditate up when you feel like you're ready. Oh and try paring your meditation habit with something you already do daily too like for examples: you can meditate each day after breakfast, a bath, etc. To stay motivated, I think about my purposes and why I even start this habit from the start, I mean obviously because it's good for me. Learn more about why meditation helps me improve myself also kinda help. Hmm…I want to recommend you this meditation app I've been using for a while, it's called "Balance". I find it simple yet effective, hope this help.
Marlene E.
The answer is you!! You have to push yourself and if you want to make it a bit easy, then start with 5 minutes and then slowly increase the timing.
Tiago P.
I use something to facilitate my quiet time. For me it is crochet, as I find the repetitive movement helps to quiet my mind.
Rebecca U.
Choose only one spot/place where you are going to meditate every night and don’t change it – for me it’s the spot on the floor in front of my couch. I start my meditation whilst listening to my nightly coaching and finish with some visualisation of letting go of old negative murky energy and charging up with the new positive clear (I believe and practice Wicca). After I have meditated I reward myself with some reading before going to bed. After a while you start to feel the benefits including with how relaxed you feel which, in my experience, helps me get to sleep faster.
Minnie Z.
You just have to stay on track. Think of it as relaxing your mind and body. If you don’t you might not have fun and you might not want to do it.
Caitlin U.
Well with meditation I usually get some food and water before so I don't have to break my concentration over hunger or thirst. Secondly I will put on a calming music for me of my favorite genre and use Spotify. Last I grab a stuffed animal or my plush of my favorite anime character and hold it as I do some breathing exercises and begin to meditate.
Sierra N.
I find that when you view meditation as a get-to-know-yourself experience, it becomes a less of a chore and more of an interesting thought. Building a relationship with yourself, understanding how your thoughts work, and slowly facing past traumas or difficulties is not easy. But by understanding that you’re doing this to find peace and happiness, to know what you truly feel and be comfortable with it, even respond to yourself in a way that takes care of your needs, (much as a nurturing figure would) it will help you realize that this is daunting, and it’s no chore, but the gradual building of a relationship with yourself, one that progresses through time and passion. If you find meaning in this, it won’t become a chore to you. Not anymore. Good luck!
Maxime T.
I've been playing video games for a long time,when i complete your tasks in applications it brings me the joy and dopamine that i receive when i complete my tasks in my games, i think this is one the crucial reasons why i am motivated with your app to do my life tasks
Juanita E.
I also need to start meditatief, and will do so in bed richt Before sleeping. It will help me fall asleep and wash off the day.
Jeppe F.
– Take deep breathes regularly, I've found that it really helps me calm down when I find myself stressing
– At the beginning it is difficult to motivate yourself to sit down and be still for however long but once you get into the habit it's like you break a barrier with yourself and it becomes somthing that you'll look foward too
-Remember that mediation is good in the long run
– To make it part of your routine, attach it to something you already do like brushing you teeth for example. So you know that once you've brushed your teeth you will mediate so it makes it easier to get into the habit of doing
Brierlyn O.
for me i feel that meditation is a form of relaxing so try and start of small and doing like a 5 minute one once a week then move to like 2 times etc etc until you feel like it’s just habit. 🙂
Sarah S F.
Just do it with the fabulous app on make me fabulous don’t worry I totally get you and if you want you don’t have to do it
Valente A.
I think the simplest way is to breathe in and out
While feeling what is around you
I stay motivated to do it as I imagine a better me after the meditation. I am trying to make it a part of my routine along with the other tasks
Ellieoniya N.
Um I like to just think about thing that make me happy and sad and when I think about the sad things I just want to go back and change that
Elzbieta Z.
Well to stay motivated I think of the affect it’ll have on me in the future and you also have to think of it as a goal you really want to achieve to help push you to do it. Some simple ways to meditate daily is in your free time, if you’re bored or don’t know what to do just meditate it’s clears your mind from all the bad things and hep you relax!
Viola X.
To be honest, i do it because i want to change myself to the better , there are a lot of sides that i don’t like in my personality…that’s why it helps me keep calm!
Danielle U.
every morning i try to start my day with positive thoughts and self motivation, i fixe the day's goals and i do my best to achieve them.
Sofia T.
umm….personally what I do when meditating is I put on some calm music ,close my eyes and try to focus on my breath. without thinking about anything else…I do it for like 10-15 mins…I dont think of as a chore at all…the main reason why I do meditation is that it helps me to fall asleep well, +it helps to relief any stress I'm holding before sleep. I feel peaceful and stress free.
Ella O.
Well i usually just sit down somewhere and plug in my favourite music then sit with my back strait and breath. I focus on the weight of my body on the floor and the weight of my hands and my breath. do that for maybe 5 minutes.
Good T.
Firstly if you wake up fast you can do meditation and i stay motivated for 5 hours then once again I do meditation then stay motivated
Eli Ka E.
Baví mě to, ráda se rozvijím, ale abych mohla meditovat potřebuji soukromí a samotu. Moje motivace je to, že když to budu dělat budu lepším člověk. V motivaci nacházím klid. U prostřed světa, u prostřed chaosu můžu pro sebe na pár minut zastavit čas.
Scribella N.
Meditating at bedtime means it doesn’t feel like a chore at all. Instead, it becomes a helpful time of transition and preparedness for sleep – and a way of rounding off the day in a calm and positive way.
Zac O.
Sometimes I feel the same way. But I look inwards at myself and think: How do I start to change me?
I know I gotta keep pushing myself so I don’t turn back to any of my old habits. I’d rather struggle to form better habits than turn back to what I used to do. Think about how much you’ve improved as a person, or if you’re new think about how much you’re going to improve.
Claire A.
some simple ways i incorporate meditation into my daily life is in the morning. i love to wake up and stretch and really breathe to start off my day. i also do i when i feel overwhelmed to relax myself. i do still feel like it’s a chore to do in the morning but i then remember how good it makes me feel after i do it
Aaron O.
By planning my meditation I am able to get it done. I also create the enabling atmosphere or environment so that I can get my meditation done. My desire to be better than who I was yesterday is that which drives me to get my meditation done no matter what.
Tim C.
Personally sometimes I find it hard to keep it up and meditate everyday but you got to think of it as letting go after your stressed or just need to relax so if you feel like it’s a chore just try doing it more often and it’ll become part of your daily routine
Liva W.
One of the easier ways to meditate are the coaching provided by fabulous, but other ways are writing everything down and just remembering to do it daily.
Isa N.
I read and write to meditate. I also listen to music that touches my soul and i feel connected to. It motivates me to keep going and to finish what I started.
Hans Karl U.
If you think of meditation as something to cross off a to do list, then it will undoubtedly feel like a chore. I simply choose a time in the evening in which I know that I’ll be done with my prior commitments and then my app will remind me while I’m sitting down that such is a time to close off the world for a few minutes. I obey a command, for the betterment of my mental health check. And then, I resume my night. It know it is easier said than done, but while making a list, you must be smart to ask if it will work for you, then in turn work with you. Hope that helps!
Choxo Z.
Usually I just like to think about how good it makes me feel after, I like feeling rested up instead of tired like anybody ever, and my brain is cleared afterwards