At what time do you meditate. I find it hard to get into a routine because my schedule is different every day and in the morning I don’t want to get out of bed earlier.

Rachel Q.
I meditate right before bed. It gets me relaxed. I then do the being grateful habit and I write what when right today. That makes me ready for bed and I am ready for tomorrow.
Cassandra Q.
I always meditate directly after I exercise (or rather post exercise shower). It usually happens around 10 but my schedule is a little more flexible at the moment. But the thing about meditation is that you can often squeeze it in when and where you have the time. You don't need to go for a long time. If you have even an extra 5 minutes somewhere in your day that can be an opportunity to meditate. You don't need perfect silence or any equipment. Just you and a little bit of time.
Heinz Willi U.
I too dont want to get out of bed early. I usually meditate when I'm getting into my pajamas and getting close to bedtime. So after a shower when I've washed the day away, I usually take 10-15 minutes to myself to meditate. I find that it gets me more relaxed and ready to go to sleep. This doesn't mean that i go straight to bed after. I may still have things to do, but I just find that it's the easiest time for me to stick to.
Everett E.
I usually try to get my meditation in around 3pm. I find that is the busiest part of my day..meaning to refocus myself I need 10 minutes to myself. It's ok to find a quite area and just be alone for 10 minutes. Everything ( mostly everything, unless theres a medical emergency) can wait. I have a very demanding job and people are constantly asking me questions so getting started was the hardest part. Once I realized that I need to do things for myself so I can be better for everyone else it kind of clicked. Now I dont care I need to meditate. I am worthy of my peace. Hope this helps! Sending positive vibes!👍
Shawn F.
Get up and make time for meditation. Starting your day with a clear and motivated mind is like starting your day with a hearty breakfast. Then, before you sleep take the moment to reflect and give thanks for all that's happened in your day
Daphney C.
I have one hour lunch, I take 12 to 15 minutes to meditate.
I do the 5 minutes intro to meditation in the AM, if I don’t have time to do more.
At night, it varies. Time frame is between 8:30 to 10:15, I pick 10 minutes… so I don’t have a strict schedule.
Casheena C.
I meditate the moment I get up. For me I adjusted my schedule to get up earlier to get that time to myself. I also meditate before bed, it helps me to relax