Do you use a guided meditation? If not, how normally focus while meditating?

Brianna C.
I do use guided meditation. My mind wanders too much to focus on meditating so I usually follow a guided one. It helps me connect with myself better. When I tried meditating without the guidance, closing my eyes helping a ton as it gave me nothing to see and think about.

Beverley F.
I prefer guided meditation. It works really well and make some feel like I've accomplished something. It's also so much easier to focus on meditating when you are listening to a soothing voice of reason.

Jacob W.
Guided meditation is helpful when you find it hard to relax. I prefer music these days because it helps me feel more and see more.

Kaylee Z.
Usually I use a guided meditation from either the Fabulous app or another app, but if I don't use a guided one I try to simply focus on my breathing.

I make sure the room is quiet and I can't hear any noises from outside. That helps me focus.

Hasan O.
Meditation. Fabulous has quite a few mediation videos. As does Gaia channel. I only use accredited videos. Paranoid about subliminal unwanted messages.Wear head phones at first. First month or so. It was easier for me to concentrate on the breathing and what is instructed rather than the airplanes or construction etc…. I kept going back to the beginning mediation videos, eventually realized that it was time to move to the next step. I now do not wear the head phones inn order to train my brain to not focus on outside noses. I also utilize guided mediation but I find videos that pertain to my level and which area i am seeking assistance. Therefore the video voice can be at times noise that I ignore, phase out, and listen to the message and instructions. To answer your question yes. I use guided meditation to assist me to further open my consciousness and further my journey. When sitting inn the beach I use the music from the waves and utilize the knowledge that I learned from all the guided meditation videos.

Claudia J.
It is not necessary to have an empty or clear mind for meditation rather it can be a focus on the breath, or a feeling like compassion, or a determination to take action; it can also be a guided meditation with a purpose such as relaxing or healing. Personally, I like all forms of meditation but finding a single focus has been most transformative over time for me – I see meditation is like steeping the mind in a thought that will then become apart of the mind outside meditation. To do this, for a simple example, focus on the breath and then bring the mind back to it when you forget it…like correcting a puppy on a leash to stay near it’s owner. Over time you will not forget the breath for longer and longer periods. Similarly, you might choose to focus on a feeling of gratitude at your heart. If you forget, just pull your mind back to it with a few phrases to remember. Keep doing this.
Guided visualization is wonderful if you are stuck or for falling asleep or releasing stress. I hope this helps. Start with trying to focus for one minute. This may take some time. Just enjoy. There is nothing you have to do and no right or wrong. Just intend to focus and bring the mind back when you forget.

Sasha Q.
I prefer guided meditation, since it allows me to really relax my mind and not have to think about anything but following the guide.

L O Q.
I usually do use a guided meditation a it helps keep me from drifting into thought. Once I have established a good practice I can really enjoy an unguided session, especially a longer one. Good luck and just try to accept it wherever you are in the process.

Leana F.
I try to repeat a prayer to help me empty my thoughts.

Roy N.
I use guided meditation programs especially when starting out. Helps you stick with it. The app I use is called headspace. Very effective and informative.

After it gives you a good baseline of meditation 101, it teaches you more advanced techniques. Once you feel comfortable doing it on your own, I find it helpful to employ those techniques with some sort of rythmic sound. Fire crackling, wind howling, etc.

Hope this helps!

Roy T.
I check in with my body’s sensations and connect with my breaths