How do you feel after meditating? Does it really help your day?

Calvin C.
Honestly, I haven’t noticed a change but I’m hoping I will. I have also been using that time to stretch. That may be why I don’t notice anything from meditating but I’m really bad about incorporating stretching in my day and have very tight so this has been a hood time for that.
Floyd W.
I think of meditation more like exercising a muscle. It doesn’t necessarily give me an immediate sense of well-being (right after meditating), but I feel as though it gives me more resilience when things go wrong (maybe is training me in the habit of not dwelling on thoughts, so that I don’t dwell on negative experiences?)
Judy O.
Yes it stops me in my fast and busy daily schedule, helps relax and focus. Its a work in progress as my mind still wanders
Alberto J.
Most times I feel like it’s for naught. Then as a little more time goes by, I start to realize I had one less argument with my daughter, one more hug and one more I love you. There’s one less tantrum, one more smile and one more kiss. All I know is I can’t quit.
Gerolf M.
I would say it does. I feel a bit more centered and aware so even if my day is bad I know I had a good start. I dont feel as connected to anything bad that might happen like I know some things are out of my control ?
Edir P.
Sometimes it is very refreshing and increase my wellbeing.
However, sometimes it feels very hard to exercise and this can be frustrating.
The important thing is- in the long run the benefits are so obvious. It is like cleaning up the pipelines in you brain.
Cherly W.
Meditating is nutrition for my mind. You do NOT need to “empty your mind”! I get some of my most inspired ideas in a meditative state. I keep a journal nearby to jot down ideas as they come. Think of meditating as focused time and you will enjoy it more.
Philip P.
Quiet time is beneficial for anyone. Learning to slow down the thoughts of fear, anxiety and worry is invaluable. I do this through prayer
Lilly Y.
I feel so much calmer, less tense. It absolutely helps me to start my day that way. If I begin in that peaceful state of mind, I can carry some of that with me throughout the day.
Clinton T.
When you start is normal that it seems useless, but after few days you start feeling the changing. Your mind is more relaxed. I love to do it with yoga!
Ute Z.
Yes I felt healthy. Connected with world and fullfill with emitions. True emotions. Pure and healthy. Natural. I wanna feel that again every single day.
L Andro Z.
After meditating my mind is clear of my usual racing thoughts and I feel relaxed and focused because of that. I find that meditation helps keep me motivated to get going and do things instead of just sitting around as well.
It just takes some practice for it to really start working.
Pearl R.
Most of the time I feel great after meditation because it helps me release all the squirrely thoughts that do not serve to make a good day. Anxiety about stupid things are gone and this makes for clearer thinking. Every now and then I go too deep into meditation and it makes me a bit groggy. This goes away though. Yes meditation helps I noticed the affects after a week of steady practice and it also helped me get through recovery after a painful surgery
Marcelino A.
i meditate at night. it helps me turn the volume down in my brain so i can sleep better, instead of just laying in bed and getting anxious because i'm overthinking. meditation is one of those things that you notice the difference it made when you stop doing it. it's subtle but it helps a lot.
Katherine N.
Meditasyondan sonra daha dingin hissediyorum. Ve bir karar vereceksem daha net olduğumu farkettim.
Meditasyon günlük yaşantıma değil bütün hayatıma iyi geliyor.
Scott U.
It depends but generally yes. Of course it is necessary to do an effort. Meditation without focus is not meditation.
Sometimes we a lot in your minds and it might be hard to be mindful, so it's good if you keep at it even at those times.
What I've noticed after a while meditating is that in my life I am a lot more aware. I enjoy food, water and even air more.
So, I think looking forward is another goal to have.
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John J.
No… It doesn’t really help 🙁 I prefer question-answer method (when a lot of questions makes you understand different sides of your subject).
Meditation is more like thought wandering. What is great. But it makes me wander about my current worries, not about the subject. For me it doesn’t really work.
Steve O.
I feel my thoughts are clear. I’m a very tense and stressed person, so meditating helps me to switch from something negative to positive after concentrating on my body and feelings within it. Sometimes I do short meditations to stay at the present moment and remember it better, be fully conscious of it. Meditating serves as a reminder to value what’s happening right now.
Jacob P.
I meditate before I go to sleep and it really helps put me at ease and I’ve been feeling much more refreshed when I wake up!
Greg T.
Usually yes. Especially ones with deep breathing exercises. That intentionally taking a step back, slowing things down, helps to make things calmer, more focused.
Marion E.
I love meditating at any point during the day because I find that whenever I do it, it calms my mind and helps me refocus. In the morning, I feel confident that I can have an excellent day full of positivity. In the afternoon, I take a break from work that helps my mind calm down from the clutter of the morning and prepares me for the rest of the day. In the evening, it helps me reflect on how I feel after the day and calm down to sleep. The more consistent I am with my meditation, the better I feel about my day. I have found it to be one of the keystone habits that I want to keep in my life.
Samuel S.
It depends. If I meditate just to check off the box it does nothing. But if I use it as a time to clear my mind and breathe then I feel more relaxed after.
C Saro Z.
Meditation helps me focus on what’s important in life. As a single mother of three who works and tries to find time for herself, taking time just for me is hard to do. Meditating makes me stop everything. I’m forced to focus on myself which can be hard to do when you’re an individual who has endured years of trauma. I’m not perfect at it. In fact, I miss days at a time. But then I realize we don’t need to be perfect. Just start again.
Samantha U.
I personally have to meditate more frequently otherwise it helps to an extent. To complete my day in complete peace I meditate throughout the day
Sarah E.
Yes it really does help my day. I feel calmer, recentred and with a greater sense of perspective after meditation. It helps me to be proactive rather than reactive/passive to challenges I face
Evelyn Z.
Slowly changes your thought process. Along with meditation one need to read scripture from ones holly books. Understanding the words and working on them in daily life – your actions will change ones mind.
Stefanie X.
I feel relaxed, well rested, more in tune with my thoughts and my body. I meditate at night and it works wonders to let my self relax
Maria U.
Meditation recalibrates my soul and centers me. It’s places my emotions in a state of equilibrium. It engenders a firm and stable frame of mind thereby enabling me to be kind to myself – to make decisions that serve me and ensure that tomorrow is better than today.
Elmer U.
I don’t really know if it will help my day but I’m feeling ready to approach the difficulty of the stressful situation of the day