What do you do to meditate? Is there a specific ritual you have?

Michael S.
I usually do yoga first to set my mind in a meditative state through my physicality so that when I’m ready to meditate, I can easily do so. I feel more quiet and grounded. Another thing I make sure of is that I have a quiet space for me to focus, which is required for meditation anyway.

Clarence Z.
I have just started meditating every evening after taking a hiatus from the discipline. I t feels especially good before bed because it helps me feel centered in my body before sleep. I often do a body scan but lately have been struggling with lots of thoughts. When that happens I’ll just acknowledge “thinking” and go back to focusing on my breathing.

Liam Z.
First thing in am, I go to my space, either do yoga first then meditate in my chair or vice versa. Also every night before bed I meditate. I use an app called insight timer.

Viktoria J.
To meditate, I put on my headphones (it prevents from being distracted by ambient noise), sit with my legs crossed like Chinese monks(sitting like that gives a signal to my brain to suggest that I should stay focusing, and I also find it cool to meditate like monks instead of just sitting, makes me feel like I am really doing it right), then I just start.

Derek T.
I’m new at meditating. I find a comfortable place to sit and follow guided meditation for 10 minutes in the morning before I start my day. It stops the frantic rush to get to work and puts me in a calmer state if mind to help tackle whatever is waiting for me at work.

Kati Q.
I'm using the Headspace app. I do it in my coach, because is my favorite spot at home. And it is the last thing I do before going to bed.

In S Q.
I use the Headspace app and follow their guided meditations. I have set up meditations as part of my evening ritual on Fabulous following their night time journey advice and do it the same way every evening. I usually do it sitting up in bed after lighting up a candle as I like the ambience that sets up. Hope you find a ritual that works well for you 🙂

Ottomar F.
I use the app headspace for a 3-10 minute meditation EVERY morning on week days it’s soon as I wake up with morning tea, all alone. On weekends I just carve time in.

Tommy U.
I always meditate right after I exercise. That way I still have my mat and yoga block (which I sit on) out already. I streach throughly after working out so my legs don't fall asleep.

Saskia O.
Hi I follow MindfulnessApp and a few modules it Fabulous App. I also learnt Sahaj Meditation a few years ago but don’t follow that much. As a child I had learnt Transidental Meditation of Maharishi Yogi but never really followed it.

Tommy S.
I have actually been using an app, Headspace, to guide me through various meditation programs, but as for physical setting, I find for me it's best to meditate on the floor on a cushion, it encourages the biggest concentration. In bed, for example, I frequently fall asleep. So you need to find your own dedicated space and pose.

Erik P.
I have my own mediation space. I place a cushion in front of my closet and mediate there. I also set down a small ball with five beautiful blue stones. Sets me in the mode to mediate

Charles O.
I turn off everything that is electric off except the heat or ac depending on the time of year. But the radio, the tv, my ringer on my phone, and the lights. And I start with breathing and from there I just practice staying in now not last or next.

Storm P.
I make sure I have no distractions (like a cat to jump in my lap) and I do guided and unguided everyday. I read 1 month of meditation over 25 minutes Utes a day dramatically reduced depression

Anton Z.
If you want you want to really understand what is meditation then you have to find a enlightened master. Because meditation is not just keeping mind calm, it is the way of connecting yourself with the universal consciousness. To Know who you are?
I can know some enlightened masters, I can tell you names.
1.OSHO(oshodhara, delhi, India)
2.sadhguru(isha foundation)
3.shivkripanand swami(samarpan meditation, dandi, Gujarat, India)
You not need to go there, you can find them on YouTube or Google.
May this will change your life and take you to your ultimate path of being.

Sebastian B.
I’ve started with just a few minutes in the morning. After I exercise but before I start getting ready for work. Sometimes I use guided meditation, sometimes I just sit quietly with myself and my thoughts. Some mornings I only do a couple of minutes, even less. Other mornings I do it for a little longer. Just whatever I’m feeling and however long I have. I think even a small amount, just anything I have time for is better than nothing.

Ava E.
I don't have a specific ritual. Usually is in the morning or just after midday. I use the headspace app for my meditation. I think it provides a great general introduction to meditation.

Alida W.
I do breathing meditation to a timer. I select a comfortable place to sit and meditate. Sometimes I use a app to do different type of meditation like body scan, relaxation. I also try to breathe meditate once or twice during the course of the day

Laura E.
I follow the app Calm. Its easy to begin with. I meditate before i go to bed im the bathroom, because it has nice hot floor 🙂

Naja A.
I like to meditate right after I’ve woken up and right before I sleep. I sit up on my bed and just close my eyes and listen. In the morning after I’ve done this, that is when my day truely starts. And at the end of the day I finish with a meditation followed by some journaling to secure the thoughts that come to mind when I meditated.

Leona F.
There are many different ways to meditate , if you’re finding sitting still and quite slightly difficult and you can’t seem to focus on your breath, try thinkitation- where instead you focus on a thought. Follow it as far as you can , take notes, really think it to the end. Let it go and then do it again with a new thought!

Aaron O.
Yes, i meditate in a place i feel confortabel, with a nice view for the nature, and than calm my breath and just relax the mind contemplating the view, than i close the eyes and just see a light, the color depend of the days.
Other days i follow guide meditation of healing

Tilde C.
I use guided meditation, Calm. It is very useful and helps to keep you focused. It is based on Mindfulness, to be mindful of the breath, the sounds outside and even our thoughts. It comes with practice and one should understand there will always be thoughts but it is for us to continue the practice and not be discouraged. However with much practise we will definitely improve and you will notice the difference it how you handle situations and difficulties.

Leslie U.
I like to do Kabbalah meditation which requires to stare at Hebrew letters. Another good trick for me witnessing the thoughts that pop up in my mind and go back to breathing attention.