How can I wake up refreshed right when my alarm goes off instead of snoozing?

Danae Q.
That’s an incredible question, I wish I had the answer. I’ve been searching for years. Here are some tips I’ve found that work for other people: go to bed earlier/consistently the same time every night, have a cold glass of water with lemon sitting by your bedside and drink it immediately as your alarm goes off, splash some water on your face… hope this helps.
Sage Q.
Honestly it was really hard for a while. When your alarm goes off you have to drag yourself up a few times. When evening rolls around, listen to your body, and sleep when you get tired. Don't fight it. It took me about a week to find a rythm this way, but now I wake up a few minutes before my alarm on my own, and have a moment to greet the day.
Rh P.
Maybe can try to go to bed earlier tonight before. Having plenty of sleep will help you get up easier in the morning.

Also can give yourself an assignment in the early morning right after getting up, such as drink a cup of water as suggested here by the Fabulous App. To fulfill that assignment, you will tend to get up right away instead of snoozing. This works for me.

Good luck!

Rupsa Z.
All you have to do is have the wish , and the right plan…Have an early night the night before and dont use any electronics to put yourself to sleep.. drink a glass of water before going to bed and after waking up… DO NOT EXERCISE BEFORE GOING TO BED .. EXERCISE AFTER WAKING UP…
Pin Yi Y.
Try sleep earlier and use wifi outlets like VeSync or amazon/ google/ apple home to turn on the lamp before the time you want to wake up. Then set the alarm clock half an our after the lamp automatically turns on
Paige J.
Try things like keeping your alarm at the other side of the room so you physically have to get up. Or when your alarm sounds, sit up for a few moments instead of staying laying down. It’ll help tell your mind it’s time to get up. All good habits come with repetition. It’ll be hard at first but become easier with time. Mind over matter.
Olivia O.
Firstly, make sure you're getting enough sleep. You aren't going to feel refreshed if you aren't getting the right amount of sleep. Secondly, try standing up as soon as your alarm goes off. Maybe put your alarm on the other side of the room so you'll have to walk to it. The longer you stay in bed the more likely you are to hit snooze.
Rh P.
I set some important things to do in the morning, so that when the alarm clock went off, I jumped out of bed.

Also, I went to bed early enough to have a full rest in the night. The alarm time is reasonable. So when the alarm rings, I am ready to wake up.

I also found turning the light on right when the alarm rings is a good way to wake up as the Melatonin fades away when the eyes meet light.

Hope these help. Good luck!