I keep getting sleepy during my meditation. Is it normal? Or am I doing it wrong?

Aditi E.
It happens to me too πŸ™‚ I think its normal but also maybe an invitation to switch it up to something that helps you stay alert πŸ€—
Adalberto S.
I think it is normal.It mean your body is in relax mode.Sleep is one of the way we can mediate ourself.I often feel asleep too.Don't worry
Alito P.
I am no expert but I think it's pretty normal if you are starting. What I try to do is set "short term goals". For example, just focus on breathing and let your mind wonder for a bit. Imagine that positive energy is going through your body with every breath (I imagine my energy being like water, make it what you want it to be!) Once you get settled, you can start focusing on the present. I hope that helps, keep up the good job! 😊
Melanie Z.
yes,it's normal. meditation is generally meant to relax you and regain your composure in situations where you feel out of control. if you feel sleepy, you aren't doing it wrong but just try to channel that relaxed energy into self-awareness; try to focus on different parts of your body, etc.