How long before you start seeing any benefits of meditation and what are those benefits?

Ceres Q.
Honestly, I can see some benefits immediately! During my meditation, I’m able to let go of my stress and anxiety. By the time I am done, I feel much more relaxed and clear!
Rhonda Z.
Best thing that can happen to anyone is if one stops waiting for returns in everything one does, and meditation can do that to you.
To answer your question… let me tell you it can be 3 months or upto a year but what matters is taking a step towards.
Scientists have concluded that meditation can help increase grey matter , improve focus and above all make yourself aware. The third is lost important to me.
Johanne U.
After one month I started to feel more concentrated and relaxed.
If you want to get to that stage you will have to do meditation every day.
Good luck, you can do it.
Maria B.
I start to feel it shortly into the session most of the time, but sometimes it takes me a while to get into it. Average I'd say it takes me 5 minutes to get into it
Klaus Michael A.
I think you see the benefits immediately! In your decision to slow down and focus on the breath you have started to understand how the mind and body are connected.
Abigail L.
You will probably get some benefit rate from the beginning wake maybe being able to focus tter and maybe sleeping better but over the long term you will get even greater benefits of being able to focus more and who knows you may be even the little bit nicer and more in the process of moving a regular basis
Gottlieb O.
I already want to do meditation since around 3-4 years ago. But determined to di that since 6 months ago. And now I feel really really calm. My anxiety is decrease a lot.
Joseph F.
Usually a few days. Better sleep, more control over emotions, able to handle adversity with a clear and level head.
Vickie T.
At the very first time I meditated I was in a very stressful situation and felt much lighter, happy and calm for hours. Then I started meditating before difficult exams (e.g. driver license). I could even feel my heart rate slowing down really fast… and I passed! Then I started meditating in bed just before sleeping, a wind down meditation, and almost every time I did this I fell asleep whenever I wanted. No more flipping in bed for hours. Of course, these are immediate effects. I've meditated for ~140 hours using apps and I'm not sure if I've already started to see the proclaimed long term benefits. I feel happy by doing it, it brings me useful reflections, helps me coping with stress and anxiety during the sessions and the effect lasts for a while. This is enough for me to keep meditating. People around me started to say I'm a "zen" person more often, but I don't see much difference. Maybe they say it because I became kind of a mindfulness evangelist. When you judge your progress you do it with a different mind than that from the beginning, so you can't judge it objectively by yourself. This is helping me shift from a goal-oriented approach to a process-oriented approach in life, which is much less stressful and more fulfilling.
Benedito Z.
I’ve only just started, but I know a lot of people who swear by it. I will continue with this for sure!
Emily G.
The effects are immediate in my experience. I live with severe depression and anxiety, and prefer to use guided meditations to help me visualize and keep my mind away from any troubling thoughts or feelings. Just the process of being still, breathing deeply, relaxing my body progressively and focusing on pleasant feelings and imagery makes me feel more present in myself. I use it in the morning and at night for a reminder of feelings of calmness throughout my day, and to help prepare for sleep. I can safely say that meditation, even if it’s only for a short period at a time, is one of the most important parts of my routine.
Raymond U.
Before I started meditation I had treatment resistant depression. I read duke where that mediating 25 min everyday was scientifically proven to reduce depression. So I decided I'd try it for a month. After 2 weeks I saw a HUGE difference. At a month my works had changed. I mean I still get sad sometimes but mediation has changed my life
Johnny E.
I am new to meditation, but I like the challenge of staying still to quiet my mind and focus on my breathing. I have found myself becoming more calm and patient which has made me a little happier. Only been a few weeks but I think it helps
Corey Y.
I am more at peace with myself and those around me
Hazel U.
Immediately. You feel a sense of calm. In time you get great spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental benefits. It is proven over time but also recently scientifically also. Research and learn more.
Johanne W.
I have an on again/off again relationship with meditation but when I first started meditating regularly, it took a while for me to notice the benefits. The first few days were frustrating as I kept getting distracted or impatient and I never felt like I was achieving that zen-like feeling everyone who meditates regularly raves about. It took weeks of regular practice, experimentation, and lots of guided meditations before I started seeing changes in myself. I started feeling calmer. I was less sleepy and lethargic in the morning and fell asleep quicker at night. I'd get less frazzled at work.

Give it time. Embrace the struggle. It's all part of the process.

Lutero Z.
It depends. Everyone is different and depending upon how “active” ones mind is the time to behavior change will vary. You may have great experiences, calmness, relaxation etc fairly quickly again depending upon the person. Real behavior change though will require consistent practice and dedication and time
Sophie Z.
Great question 🙂 Here's the answer I've experienced based on 5-10 years of meditation. The benefit was immediate. It's often apparent as soon as you start. Did you feel yourself relax when the instruction told you to get comfortable and take a deep breath? That's the beginning, and a huge benefit in and of itself.
The second benefit is calming the mind, you will experience this in perhaps brief moments as you meditate. Gradually, this moment comes more often and lasts for longer as you gain experience. This time of peace and awareness is very healing.
The more you meditate everyday, the more the benefits begin to come to you in your everyday life.
Metta, Elle
Note: relaxation and calm presence are just 2 of the benefits of meditation; there are others. However, these alone can make profound, positive changes in your life.
Dorothea U.
Meditation gives your mind a moment to rest while you're awake. It's an unusual feeling at first but after the 6th or so day the mind will start utilising that time to reflect.
Olivia T.
I believe 2 weeks is really the sweet spot where you can feel the difference in your stress level and peace of mind thanks to meditating. The first week or so feels weird still, a little bit too different – the silence can be unnerving – but after 2 weeks it's starts to feel more comfortable.