How can you use meditation to keep yourself focused and mindful during your daily life?

Emily Z.
For me, before I start my work day, I take 10 mins to meditate at my desk before starting any task. It seems small, but it's that 10 mins of total relaxation of your mind that completely jump starts my day to focus on any tasks at hand. Also, I just feel amazing with giving myself that moment to collect my thoughts. Be in control of YOUR happiness journey. You've got this! 🤗
Afonso U.
It creates distance between me and my thoughts and feelings. I am not my thoughts or feelings and they are not absolute truth. Meditation helps recognize them as they come up and to acknowledge them as just a thought or just a feeling.
Filomeno P.
To be honest I don’t know.
I have a very hard time to make the “meditation habit” stick. So I have never experienced any meditation-linked benefits.
Albane C.
Practicing meditation trains one’s brain ability to stay focused on one thing. By noticing when attention shifts from paying attention to the breath to something else, people who meditate cultivate an awareness of their thoughts.
Alan T.
Meditation allows me to focus within where true peace lies. It gives me strength to face life and keep my feet on the ground
Dawn J.
It makes me realize that I am not my thoughts. It gives me an opportunity to learn to be present in the moment.
Juliano Q.
I personally have a reminder for every hour of the day. When that beeps, I drink but of water, meditate for couple of seconds with 3 long breaths and thank God in general. And so whenever a situation arises or when I have start on some work or duty or job, I do the same thing and it helps you to be more positive and focused since you are already training yourself to concentrate on your breath and gratitude every hour possible
Clayton O.
A quick morning meditation can help remembering the big picture and what's important to you. If you set the intention for the day it's less likely that you get lost in everyday problems. Let's say your goal is to live abroad and for that you have to learn the language of your target country. You go to work in the morning and get caught up in your daily tasks. After work you tell yourself that it was a tough day, you just want to watch TV and eat a pizza as a reward. But if you remind yourself in the morning that your real goal is to leave this job and travel to a new country to start a new life, that gives you extra energy to work towards that goal and spend some time on learning that language.
Meditating in the evening can help you process the events of the day, process the emotions that those events made you feel and this way you will be more relaxed and also more aware of your own feelings and thoughts.