Do you have any tips to stop your mind from wandering during meditation?

Abdullah U.
when a thought comes into your head recognise that your mind is full of ideas, and without judging them or punishing yourself for them simply acknowledging them and feeling them disappear as you breath out. it takes time, i couldn’t ever focus when meditating to start with but after doing a few meditations a week for a couple of months i can not meditate and stop all thoughts immediately without trying. it takes practice but you will get there.
Ezio N.
I think that while meditating the point is not prevent your mind from wandering. Is to learn how to ackonwledge and learn to watch the thoughts go by, without judging them while they pass. Some people prefer to concentrate on the breath, following its ins/outs, other prefer to focus on a word or an idea, in time we learn which solution suits us best.
Rick Y.
I'm sorry, I don't. It's just something you have to work at. I still am after 40 years. You'll find your own level eventually or somebody else at Fabulous can help you.
Good luck and take care.
Julio J.
Your mind will always wander because your brain is designed to think and stopping is almost impossible. Try counting 1 on the in breath and 2 on the out breath. This will give your mind something to think about and is easy to come back to if you mind wanders again.
Jimmie P.
It’s normal for your mind to wander when practicing mediation. And It is a practice. Don’t be judgmental of your practice. When you do notice that your mind has wandered, bring your awareness back to the feeling of your breath flow. Notice the physical sensation of breathing and keep going with yourpractice.
Katherine Z.
Don’t resist it. Let your mind wonder for a little bit. Accept it fully. Then, when you realize your mind is wandering, say to yourself, “My Mind is wondering now. They’re just thoughts that come and go. It isn’t bad that I have these thoughts, but now is the time to quiet my mind.” And then bring your awareness to your Presence. The feelings and sensations of your body. Any tingling you may feel, your heart beat, the air touching your skin, and then bring awareness back to your breath.
Hans Helmut F.
Start focusing on your breathing by thinking "breath in" / "breath out" verbally when do these actions. It will help you maintain a deeper focus
Herbert U.
Be kind to yourself and don’t worry if your mind wanders, it’s totally normal. When you notice it has happened just recognise that, then bring your focus back to the focus of your meditation whether that is your breath or sensations in the body or sounds that are around you etc. That is a moment of mindfulness, when you catch yourself having wondered off and then simply noticing before you refocus
Norbert J.
Hi. Happy to know u start into meditation.

Before we talk about how to stop it. We should agree first, never hate wandering mind. Because this one is natural habit of ours. Never think wandering mind is a big problem.

This mindset will help u understand more about your mind. Open with every mind condition. And not getting more worry and frustation.

Dont worry with wandering mind.

If u can accept this. Then, u can try this method.

First, for most of people meditation is about preparation. make your self relax. Take a nice place to meditate. Prepare your environment. Prepare your seat.

Second, trying to relax. U can Listen some soft music for 5-10 min . If u dont like music, Pray or chants for 5 minuites also can help u.

Third, empty your mind. let your mind wandering. If u doing breath meditation method. Slowly try to focus to feel your breath. Never want control your mind breath. just see what happend without interupt the process.

Until at some point u feel more relax and can more focus with breath. Keep meditate.

Hope this will help u

Celina Y.
Picture each unwanted thought that enters your brain as a balloon. Then imagine yourself letting go of each balloon and it floating far away from your mind.
Christina O.
Don't feel guilty or be hard on yourself, just keep coming back to your breath or repeat a mantra to yourself. I like singing the song "Every little cell in my body is healthy, every little cell in my body is well" while I am doing a walking/hiking meditation. I will also try focusing on the feeling of the ground under my feet or the sounds or smells around me.