How to eliminate the random thoughts that arise in our mind during meditation.

Layla O.
Having random thoughts during meditation is completely normal, yet having them might make some people feel stupid or like they're doing it wrong. All in all though, if it happens from time to time its easy to fix, just by not focusing on the thoughts but the space in between them if that makes sense. Try to find yourself by maybe instead of random thoughts, think about something that makes you calm and happy and that will take you back to your neutural meditation state.

Tammy Z.
It's normal to have random thoughts pop up during meditation. What I learned to do is to focus on my breathing during meditation. That puts the focus away from the thoughts and into your breathing.

Catarina Q.
I am NOT an expert. I just started meditation.

I don't try to eliminate them. What the meditation guides always say is to just recognize my mind has wondered and shift the focus back to my breathing or to what was being said.

Most of all, don't judge yourself for this. It's absolutely normal.

And if you find these thoughts are important and are regarding the meditation, maybe write them down at the end.