What type of meditation do you practice?

Santana N.
I used to like the guided ones more but now I just sit and let my thoughts wander until they settle on one thing usually some type of still object nearby or a moving branch or something
Christopher Q.
Guided meditation with female voice with lots of trees in the background. Typically I meditate on peacefulness. Also, the mobile app. Abide has good meditation on biblical subjects.
Tilde W.
I usually do a guided meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️ and I try to do a different one ☝️ everyday so I have to pay attention and I am not just drowning out the words.
Leon F.
Meditation for me is just being. I watch/listen to the tendencies of the mind and remind myself that I am not my mind. I disidentify with the thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I forget that I don't have to act out my mind.
Sohan A.
I have been using the ones in the Make Me Fabulous section. But I’ve also been putting on epic movie soundtracks and getting lost in just me and the music, I find it really helps me unwind and find my mind doesn’t tend to wander.
Claudio U.
I do different meditations from the fabulous app. Everytime I lie down to feed my toddler I do a meditation with my headset on. He seems to fall asleep faster when I am relaxed than when I am playing with my phone. I also do short breathing exercises several times a day as part of my routines. And anytime I feel stressed and need to get in touch with myself quickly.
Dircen Ia A.
Walking breathing envisioning and others. Just relaxing and releasing the negatives and bad vibes and energies that will hurt me
Joey N.
Meditation can be done while doing any mundane chores, walking, as well as, sitting upright doing a meditation on headphones or in your own quiet space. Begin anywhere and breathe deeply, slowing down and try to reconnect with all of your body.
If it is still difficult, see if there are places that offer meditation or get a book at the library that explains different methods. Start with just one minute a day. This app has an amazing meditation selections.
Ricardo S.
I practice guided calming meditation using the app Headspace. I find it is assisting me to relieve the stress and anxieties of my job.
Rene T.
Currently, your life on repeat. I find it easier to listen to a spoken meditation, as my mind doesn’t wander as much. Ideally I do it at home, but as research has shown that the type of meditation doesn’t matter as much, but the consistence, I even try to do it on the road.
Eurico Q.
I like to do a guided meditation that includes a body scan. This allows me to check in with myself. One that also focuses on the chacra and stay in the present moment.
Kelly O.
I practice focusing on my breathing to be present. I will acknowledge my thoughts when they stray, then refocus on my breathing again. I find it to be super relaxing so it’s my favorite, but I also enjoy guided meditations.