What is your preference for type of meditation and do you use an app? If you do use an app, which one?

Luisa P.
I found a series of guided mindfulness meditations with small lessons/reflections with Judith Day on Spotify. I really like her mature voice and simple guidance.
Wanda B.
I use this app for meditation. If it is added to your daily list of habits it has a count down on a screen that has very lovely music.
I also use the insight meditation app. This app if very good because it has different types of bells and music you can aadd to any length of meditation you would like. You can place bells within the time you are sitting for (you can set the times) as a reminder to bring your focus back to your breath. This is fantastic for people who are just starting to meditate.
Meg N.
I am an avid Headspace user (kudos to my mom for the gift that keeps on giving at Christmas). I love that it incorporates mindfulness into many different activities, including cooking, sleeping, eating, housework, exercising, and all different forms of issues that we experience in every day life.
Rania Z.
I meditate according to my mood or needs for at least 5 mins and at most for 30 minutes. I use the app insight timer it has an endless bunch of free meditations
Veronica F.
I do best with guided meditation because I'm still early in my practice. I use Aaptiv most regularly Because it's part of my fitness routine
Maxime W.
The app I use is called Headspace. There are different types of meditation for different times a day. It used to be difficult for me to fall asleep so it used to take so much time but after I discovered this app, everything changed. I didn’t only feel more peaceful throughout the day so that I could fall asleep without worries, this app made me fall asleep. They basically just tell you what parts to relax and not to think of anything. I learned a lot from this app and I’m happy about it!
Bertram N.
I use YouTube, it has a variety for whatever mood I am in. I keep it to 10 minutes.
I like to choose ones to do with positivity and gratitude. Ones that make me feel as though I am smiling by the time I wake. I like body scans but not so much in the morning as I am already quite relaxed.
Simon Z.
Usually I meditate to focus and calm my thoughts. I'm practicing deep breathing on my own. Other days I'm reading – it's kind of meditation for me ad well.
Geruza F.
I usually use headspace. I like guided meditation. Also I prefer mindfulness meditation while I'm doing other things like walking or showering