How do you know you’ve reached ameditative state? How do you feel psycially, mentally or spiritually. What are the signs that you’re medidtating effectively?

Cortney W.
My breathing and heart rate have slowed down. I feel a calm feeling of inner peace and am able to stay in the present moment. If my mind wanders, I gently bring it back to my breath without judgment. I know I'm in a deep meditation when all I notice is my breathing and I begin to see colors, super deep when I see "the eye" which looks more like a jellyfish to me. I do have a hard time maintaining that without falling asleep.

Gemma O.
You will feel still and present. You will be able to just be and your body will be relaxed. You will be aware of everything but you will be absorbed in the stillness inside you. Its a nice feeling. Good luck. Sometimes you get it for a short time other times you get it for a full meditation session. Practice leads to improvement!

Chris S.
The truth is that every meditation can be different. There is no exact state you'll find. Every time you come to meditate you will find some days you'll be calm, some you'll be tense, some you'll be distracted. That's how you should approach each meditation, with a curiosity as to how you will find your mind and body that day. Signs of effective meditation for me are that I am able to focus on the present more and more throughout the day even when I'm not practicing mediation.