How do you find meditation helps you? Do you notice increased peace, mindfulness, or patience after you’ve meditated?

Sumedh W.
Yes. While meditating, we began to silently observe, rather than overthinking. This helps in awareness and better presence of mind. Meditation helps in increasing attention span and focus. We often tend to drift away with thoughts during meditation, but the key to success is identifying that we are shifted from meditation, and gently bringing back mind to present moment, which helps in building patience
Bita X.
I do meditation twice a day, morning and evening for 5 to 15 minutes depending my mental need and journal few lines after it. It helps me stay focused, gives me clarity, steers me away from negative or mind consuming thoughts and clear my head. Not every meditation session is successful like any other practice and it is easy to give up, but keep doing it. Best case scenario you become more calm, at whole with your ownself, you see your truth with more clarity and get some resolution and revelations ( yes revelations happen, sometimes a hidden truth laid within you unravels itself to you) and worst case scenario you have spent few minutes for yourself which is valuable, healthy and rewarding in its oen way. Meditation is few minutes focusing on your chakras or staying still or flowing in the monent as if you are afloat in the present time in the ocean of life. It's few moments you detatch yourseld from happy and sad, ease and hardship, dark and light and you dig deep into you and your presence. It's like taking a bus within and embracing your presence. Every breath of it, every inch of it and observing this soul and flesh live and breath. It's appreciating your survivaland connecting to yourseld regardless of what has happened to you. I truly recommend it to any human being.
Juliana U.
Increase in inner peace. I tend to be very active mentally and physically and meditation helps me remain more focussed and have calm thoughts.
I like being in the moment and trying to be more mindful.
Iā€™m still working on being more patience šŸ™‚