How do I suppose to feel when meditate?

Erdem N.
There is no specific or certain feeling there. All is perfectly fine. If you can catch peace, it will enhance the process.
Alma Z.
You're supposed to let go and acknowledge your feelings. Name them as they come out but dont dwell. As thoughts go by look at it as that… thoughts and don't get mad if you think a lot. It happens.
Daniel A.
I would say the simple answer is calm. To feel in a better place mentally than when you first went into the meditation. It can also depends on what your intention is before you begin meditating as that will have an impact.

Some people go into a meditation wanting an answer to something and so may come out of the meditation with more clarity or feeling hyped up ready to get to work.

During meditation you just focus on being present in the moment and let whatever thoughts and emotions flow over you without focusing on any one particular thing.