How long should you meditate daily for maximum benefit?

Michelle S.
You can only dedicate a few minutes but if you want a really reflection you can dedicate more time and connect with yourself
Katrina P.
Depending on the individual's endurance to focus, 5 to 20 minutes is a good beginner level duration to start rewiring the brain and strengthening/creativing a healthier YOU.
Frank A.
One minute. One breath. As far as I'm concerned it is way more important to practice at all it than to practice for a set amount of time that is perhaps even daunting and leads me to procrastinate.
Olivia N.
There are no rules to how long should we meditate. 10 to 15 minutes meditation is enough to calm the mind. Adjust the time and frequents to your needs.
Moua Z.
5 to 10 minutes is the minimum I think. If you can get at least that done, it can go a very long way to resetting yourself!
Ky O.
I've just started consistently meditating thia past week. I find 10-15 minutes is the perfect amount to clear my mind and relax before and after a busy day.