Does meditation help panic disorder?

Miguel J.
Absolutely! The simple act of focusing on the breath, allowing it to slow and deepen, calms the body and quiets the mind. Focusing on the breath gives your mind something to do besides spiral in fearful reactions. It’s one of the major tools taught by therapists. Good luck!
Mandy C.
It definitely can. Remember though that meditation is about learning to accept that:
– you are not your thoughts (= you are not your panic disorder)
– trying to get rid of something is like the flip side of a coin – hiding from it won’t make it go away however uncomfortable the feelings.

See it more as learning to walk hand in hand with your panic disorder, comfortable in the knowledge that many people suffer from this disorder, that you are far from being alone, and that you can accept yourself as a whole, without defining yourself by it.

Personally, I use the « noting technique » in Headspace for working with my anxiety, and find it extremely useful.

Good luck, and keep at it as it does take a little bit of time to be effective. It is well worth the wait though.

Jamie T.
I started mindfulness meditation precisely because I have anxiety. I’ve found it helps immensely, and I am able to calm down from panicking much quicker these days.
Olivia Y.
I don't suffer from panic attacks but I guess that meditation can help because in time you learn to quickly 'sink into your body' reducing your activity to monitoring your breath.
Benjamin W.
Yes. It’s more difficult to be present on the hard days but when I make myself meditate daily I feel that it helps in preventing me from having panic attacks.
Herlander F.
I honestly hope so, because I also suffer from an everyday panic or stress and velive that definetley isn’t good for you. I just tried my 3 meditation time and I live it im
Jimmie Q.
Yes it does. Look up Eckhart Tolle on YouTube and learn about mindfulness first. It’ll make it easier to meditate if you know mindfulness first. I’ve meditated for years and it’s had no benefit until I discovered mindfulness. I have panic attacks frequently and they have become less often with mindfulness meditation.
Meire F.
Well I don't truly know, but I can guess it could give you tools to look up when an episode occurs a new mindset and work from that. It could also aliviates preanxiety, like being worried for a panic attack.
Selma E.
Yes, it does. Take the time to look for and try different meditations from different sources until you find one that really helps you, no matter the length.
Gaud Ncio Y.
Well, meditation is a way of understanding and it's a way to relax and find your inner self. It should not worry you or make you panic.
Edna S.
It is the answer to everything. Pulls you out of the endless mental movie making and realigns you to the present moment.
Christian C.
I don’t have that but I do have anxiety. I’ve been meditating everyday for 10-40 minutes a day the last 35 days. It helps me notice when I’m actually having an anxiety attack, rather than realising it later. By noticing it in the moment, I’m able to take actions for it to at least not exacerbate and even sometimes to stop it.
Maur Cia T.
It gives me better control. When I feel an attack coming up, I start with a breathing exercise to calm down a bit, I continue this in meditating by contemplating what made me freak out and then come to the conclusion that there was nothing to freak out about.
Andy S.
Yes it does! I have anxiety not panic disorder but I’m GUESSING there AROUND the same. But I’m not sure. But anyway I have anxiety and meditation has helped lower my anxiety and me be more mindful!
Luca A.
Meditation helps
me to keep my mind calm, relaxed and focused. That helps against panic disorder. I gain a lot of clarity doing meditation
Ilja F.
Yes, because I as try to concentrate on my breathing , as I continuously take deep breaths they make me calmer. I also start to feel united with the world around me, what also helps for anxiety which I experience.
Philip G.
I think it helps tremendously! I suffer from anxiety and a occasional panic attack. And meditation as taught me to remain in the present and just concentrate on my breathing🙏🏻