What is the best way to meditate? It is best to have a longer time limit or start with a slower time limit?

Harvey S.
The best way to meditate is to start with a slower time limit and then with more and more time limit. All for you health. It's am when you meditate even 1 minute it's makes your day a little bit more good.
Sameeha N.

Take easy steps so I would recommend you do about 5 minutes at first for 5/7 days (depending on your weekday and weekend routine) and add a few minutes every week. Take it slow and you will get there I promise!

From Sameeha

Leslie I.
A slower time limit. It starts to become more of a habit even if you do it for 5 minutes each day. You can then slowly increase the amount of time for meditating.
Jessie T.
It’s best to start in the morning because it’s sets the tempo for the day and gives you a shield for the day’s stressors. Start short like 15 minutes then add time as you practice.
Lance W.
I think that meditation only needs focusing on a part of your present moment — like your breathing. As long as you focus on the present moment and seek to appreciate it, not keep it, you have a solid foundation for anything in meditation, and even so in life.

As to time limits, I myself do not know the time limits best for you. You can begin at low time limits, and adding 1 minute to your session time after you think you can handle longer. 🙂

Rita E.
I find that shorter sessions are best at first to get used to the process and acclimate. As times goes on you can increase the length of the meditation, however at the beginning a long session can be daunting and overwhelming, therefore you may be more likely to put it off or just not do it. Ease yourself in, day by day, to build the skill up.
D Ria Y.
Since meditation is a practice to train your brain, think of it like you would of a new workout for your quads. You would start slowly and build strength over time. Same with meditation. start with 5-10 min and then proceed to longer sessions. That’s how I did it and it wasn’t as intimidating this way.
Nevaeh E.
I started meditating three years ago. I have throughout this time had long periods where I meditated daily and periods where I did not. I have found that the most important thing in order to maintain a daily meditation habit is to make it as easy as possible to do. I therefore have a subscription to the App “Calm” where there is a new ten minute meditation each day. Being able to just press a button to meditate in the morning makes it much easier to follow through each day. I would therefore recommend an App like “Calm” or “Headspace” and start with short meditations of five or ten minutes to begin with each day. Let this be your daily must and let anything beyond it be an add-on.
Alarico P.
I say start off with a short time limit and then you’ll eventually realize that you create your own time limit by just knowing the type of meditation you’re performing due to repetition. I sometimes meditate for an hour, when I only listened to a fifteen minute guided meditation. Your body and mind have no limits once you get past box checking off your meditation time and purposefully or unknowingly engulfing yourself in the direction its taking you!
Antonio L.
I find it is better to start with a smaller time limit as it lets the ball start running. It doesn’t seem like a daunting task, and you can celebrate each small achievement to start and lock in the habit.

Give it enough time, and you will be craving your celebration; and therefore your time of celebration. When you get there, congratulate yourself…you just designed and brought to existence a new productive habit, with intention and intelligence; instead of willpower which is fleeting and hard to come by.

Start small to achieve great goals 🙂

Otniel R.
I don’t really believe time is a factor when it comes to meditation.. because circumstances will vary at times, even with a set routine every day tends to be a bit different from the last, sometimes we may be busier than other days and sometimes we may have more time available for ourselves and sometimes less. But as long as we make atleast a little bit of space for meditation it doesn’t matter if it’s 30 min to an hour or simply just 10 min.. as long as you take the time to unplug your mind atleast for a bit everyday and slowly but surely turn it into a healthy routinely practice in our lives exercising and strengthening and taking well care of our minds and our mental health. 🙏🏼🧘‍♂️❤️
Adalgisa Q.
For me, starting with a meditation that is 5 minutes is easier for me because meditating is a challenge for me. I would start with short meditations, and try a longer one if you
would like more time.
Mohana Z.
A shorter time limit to start with. If your body and mind wants a longer time limit, increase it gradually.

Meditation does not depend on time rather focuses on changes that are happening everyday.

Lotte N.
I ve always had a difficulty while focusing during meditation. It is much better for me to start with shorter sessions. I always leave in the middle of meditiatiob if it takes more than 8-10 minutes.
Grace Z.
When I meditate I give myself a reasonably long amount of time that way I really feel rested and calm. But don’t give yourself too much time especially if you are just starting out. Also remember to make sure your meditating fits in with your schedule.
Alisa Z.
I find that meditating I'm short bursts helps me focus in more than one long session. As someone with Adhd staying in the moment for long periods of time is a very difficult task. I can however train my brain to meditate for longer periods of time if I start with short bursts.
Cameron F.
I don't actually meditate really often but I think you should start with a slower time limit , because it can be hard to start with long time limit
Masada W.
The best way to meditate is to be in a quiet place by yourself. You can be sitting or lying down, and there is no time limit on how long you meditate. You will know times up when you come back.
Chisanga Z.
It is best to start with a longer time limit so that you can first learn to master your own lingering thoughts. Observation of one's own thoughts is critical in meditation because without noticing your thoughts you can't observe the true essence of nature around you.
When you transcend your thoughts it becomes easier to meditation in subsequent sessions.
Yones Y.
I believe one should start with a very short time at the beginning and gradually increase time when we are more comfortable with the sensations involved. I myself started with the YouTube video "one moment mediation" after exercising (to guarantee my mind would not be racing too much – although it still races a lot) and slowly increased my time. It's also a good strategy to have several short sessions a day
Jorge S.
Slower is the beginning, but more than that: take your time, and when you don't feel well, do a shorter session. Don't turn it into something bad
Patricia P.
Sorry , couldn't finish hahaha . I was saying that talking from experience , I feel it's always better to start lil' by lil' and if you feel like you can do more , go doing more . Somehow like in crescendo , you know ? Because if you just started and decide to do a lot , all that's gonna do is to not feel more motivated to keep on doing . So I guess that would be my advice!😃 Hope u have have good dayy !! 😆 :))
Noga X.
At first, just meditate for 5 mins before ur going to sleep. Lay down in bed and turn off all the lights. Just relax and meditate. Then try for a longer and longer time 🙂
Joaquim P.
I cannot recommend a meditation technique – to quiet my mind I find that a slow walk looking at the sky & trees helps – also massage acts like a guided meditation
Sherri Z.
Longer is more beneficial for relaxation, however whatever will allow you to practice more often is most helpful. I find 5 minutes is all I can stick to at present.
Nikki N.
It is best to do whatever feels good. If longer medations are harder to get through, maybe shorter ones are for you at this time.
Sabine G.
For a beginner, start with a slower time limit is better, to start to get the feel of how to meditate, and if it becomes a habit, then increase the time.
Gusti Y.
To start I would say a short meditation of 5-10 minutes in the morning and gradually go up. I still use guided meditations on YouTube which he’ll a lot but I feel like I can meditate without it now after 1.5 years
Mette Y.
Slower time limit. Start with 5 minuts. And then slowly add more to it. I startet with 5 min. For about 2-3 Weeks and then I meditated for 10 min. And now I can meditate for 30-40 min.
Stefania R.
I think it depends: if you are new in meditation, I think it's better to begin slow and then meditate for longer periods of time. Although, I did a lot of guided meditations and I always hear that meditation means awareness of themselves. I am an anxious person and sometimes my mind wonders like crazy and sometimes it stays concentrated enough to give me peace. For this reason I think it depends on your mind too.
Laica O.
i think the best way to meditate is in a room/place where you dont have stuff around you. and if you have just clean a little bit before youre going to meditate,it will feel much better! Longer or slower i dont know. i think you need to try bold because i cant say whats the best for you, and what will work for you!
have a nice day and you can ask much more!
Jill Z.
For me the best way ist to have a shorter time. I just started meditation so I can't say a lot but I am currently starting with five minutes and I am using a podcast or something from Fabulous in the background. I sometimes forget the time..
Euphemia Y.
Start with short one to condition your mind to that activity easier. First it's hard to focus, but more days you do it, the effect is more visible. After few days short ones, try with double amount of time. I did 5 mins, now I do 10 mins of meditation and feel very relaxed each time.
Robyn N.
The best time of day to meditate is whenever is most comfortable for you & depends on what you may need at that moment. For example, if I’m highly anxious during a medical procedure I definitely don’t have time or space to take out a yoga mat for a long guided session but I can easily do some mindfulness based deep breathing exercises wherever I’m at. But other days I might find taking a few minutes out of my day for a longer session helps for keeping racing thoughts at bay, or relaxing/refocusing the mind & body. On those days I check in with myself to feel out what I need & how much time I have/want to put in on that day..I don’t meditate every single day but when I am able I’ll be sure to sneak in even 5-10 minutes or less of just breathing..or more if needed. I rotate through a few different guided sessions on my Amaru app based on my needs at the time, & I would definitely recommend trying any new guided meditation at least a few times to let yourself get more used to it & allow yourself to relax more deeply to it. Also there is really no truly right or wrong way to mediate impo, these are just outlines of what works for me, & guided meditations can be great to help practice at focusing the mind more easily. Lastly I definitely suggest starting with shorter times then increase & see what you’re most comfortable with, or what positions work best for you. Certain mediations I sit with different postures that I find comfortable for different lengths of time, or wether on the floor/cushion or seated in a chair…others I may lay for, but many postures that may be comfortable for 3 minutes might not be for 5..or you can sit for 5 minutes but get stiff at 10…or perhaps lay for 20 on a yoga mat then mind your back sore at 15 so always start out a little on the shorter end then work up once you know what works well for your needs & body.
Ana U.
What works for me is Meditating early in the morning I wake up at 3:50am and I grab my tablet and click on the fab app or calm app and I do 10 minutes of Meditating and before I got to bed right after I turn my lights off I meditate again but I do recommend you start with short time like 10 minutes because I have ADHD and ADD and cant stay still for the life of me but I was able to keep my self calm for my 10minute Meditating session and it has helped me so much that I've been meditating for a whole year and I noticed a Difference right away and I enjoy it so much like it one of my big routines in the morning
Rhonda F.
I feel like when you’re first starting out you could start with a slower time but more you do it longer the time limit can be.
Jack P.
Anytime is a good time! Start with just 10 minutes. I like a quiet room. Not really a fan of guided meditation because I feel best just focusing on my own breath than someone else’s words. Have fun with it, light a candle, waft some sage, get into it and just breathe. If I’m limited on time I’ll do 3 rounds of Wim-Hof lying down. Otherwise just sit in crosslegged lotus or “easy pose” with your palms open toward the sky and just visualize your chest rising and falling. Hope this helps
Raki P.
Are used to try meditating for longer periods of time meditate for 10 minutes and that will be enough for relaxation and to tap into that energy that we’re looking for when we meditate
Carlina Z.
I think start with slower to get the hang of it and I meditate by sitting or laying and in my heading thinking of either waves or I say a color and I only think of that color for a little
Janelle T.
At this time it depends how I am feeling. Usually I just do a short time frame and utilize different guided meditation to see which one is perfect for how I am feeling that day.
Filippo E.
I just started and I usually meditate for 5 minutes, but I already see the difference. In the first day I wasn't even able to wait for 5min, now I usually would like a few more minutes. I think I will add minutes gradually
Vito O.
For me the best way to meditate is with a longer time limit, but I sometimes struggle with making the time and it is good to know that I can still get a slower time limit meditation in .
Jana Y.
It's best to start with small meditations. You should try different meditations and figure out witch one is best for you.