I meditate often but can’t seem to to do it daily. It feels like a waste of time when I’m working. How can I get over this?

Friederike N.
Hey there,
If that happens to me, I try to as little meditating as possible, which for example can be a 1min breathing meditation. Usually I can agree with myself on 3-5min. This way, I can keep the daily practice without getting too anxious about "losing time". Also, reflecting for a moment how different I feel after the mini meditation encourages me to do it again the next day.

Also, sometimes I choose to be mindful when walking somewhere. That could be from the bus station to the next corner of the street. Or from the desk to the restrooms (and back). I see that as a kind of walking meditation, where I focus on what I perceive without judging or interacting.

I have found out that consciously drinking a cup of tea has the same effect on me like meditating.

And I believe that through practice, we can carry the state of mindfulness into every moment of our life. Not only while doing a dedicated meditation session.

Lilou P.
Think that the time that you use to meditate isn't lost. Thanks 5/10 miutes of meditation you'll recovery better productivity and concentration in work and best hours in your life.
Kirk T.
Routine is so important, if you can schedule it into your day, every day, even if it is just two minutes. I understand at times it might seem pointless, as there is no immediate tangible result. But I think the purpose of meditation doesn't always have a point. It is time where you take for yourself to be fully in the present. It isn't something you will see immediate reward and effect from. I think this is the point, to be able to sit with discomfort and not expect any results. Learning how to exist in this way is invaluable. It seem hard because it contradicts every other aspect of our world. Make time, let it be and don't worry about the outcome or result.
Leah C.
I think it's a placebo effect. If you feel like meditation is a waste of time, it won't be as helpful and if you really took time to appreciate it. So next time, try to really feel it and say things like "This is good for me' or
'This is very relaxing' and it might help. Hope this is useful to you
Aseema F.
First of all high five!even I felt the same way of the vain results bit you know how I let my persistence I said to myself that c'mon u r improving daily,remember even though it doesn't seem but u r !so I made a calendar block and cross out each day I meditate and who will want to break the chain?! 21 days challenge is a game changer, trust me! All u have to do is focus on breath and observe how it feels to ur lungs,trachea,wind pipe and mind.Inhale,hold and exhale for 7,4,5 seconds respectively. And there u are!A new you after 21 days!

Stay well 🙂

Owen E.
It is best to meditate first thing in the morning. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. It’s a great way to start the day.
Annette J.
Try doing ‘walking meditation’ and incorporate it into your light exercise routine. I highly suggest looking into it, it may be easier for you than the typical meditation exercises.