When do you enjoy meditation?

Enrique F.
First thing in the morning, after freshening up and a glass of water. But don't sweat it if you couldn't make it in the morning, do it as soon as you find the time, earlier the better.

Ma Ly O.
I would prefer to do it in the morning, the world is more still then, but I don’t have the time. So instead I opt for doing at night before I sleep. It really allows me to sleep easier.

Pamela C.
I usually enjoy meditating at night so I can slow down my racing thoughts 💭 and make it easier for me to fall asleep 💤 and stay asleep 😴 all night long.

Benjamin W.
I enjoy meditation early in the mornings after I stretch so I can help my body warm up and prepare my mind for the day! I also sometimes meditate just before bed to calm my mind before falling asleep

Gundi R.
If I have time in the morning I will do it when I wake up, usually after a shower, before I get my day started. If not then I like to in the evening, before dinner or before I go to bed in my room.

Riley J.
It depends. I very rarely do it in the morning but I like the idea of starting my day that way. I think I’d benefit from journaling, visualizing and meditating in the afternoon but have yet to make that a practice. But as I’m mastering my bedtime routine, I’m able to commit to it there so I’m grateful for that.

Alma W.
When I wake up in the morning I have a meditation routine that includes a gratitude exercise.
I also end my day with another meditation routine. Sometimes during the day as well when I take take a walking break.

Mathys Z.
Any time! My fav is early in the morning before my day starts, but I meditate before bed, on work breaks, on public transport, any time I want or need.

Tilde C.
So far, I think I enjoy meditation most in the morning. I have stopped for short afternoon sessions when I need to refocus but the morning has been best for setting a good tone for the day.

Augustin U.
First thing in the morning. It helps me managing my mood throughout the day, centering my mind. I am still at early stage, but i believe it will put my vibration higher and helps me unlocking my best potential within me.