How do you hold yourself accountable to keeping to your habits? I work from home, sometimes it’s too tempting not to complete the habits.

Abaco N.
I take my time, and i try to do one by one, no rush. And if I finished, I take a break, and I try to add a new one until I finished it. I’m trying to finish one by one, not the half of one.
Jasmina I.
Sometimes I don't manage to make them all in a row, because life happens. But I try to make everything in a day. So if I don't manage to focus in the morning, I do it later or evening meditation instead of morning. I try to be flexible and kind to myself
Thomas U.
Do not complete them then. You are the author of your own life. Even if the app is glorious (fabulous) do not get restrained by it. Use it as a tool to help you get on track and always strive to be the better you. Just by using the app you proved that you wanted to make better rules for yourself. Do not throw this epiphany away, but don't feel pressured either. It's a hard balancing act, but getting burned-out and bailing forever is much worse than missing a few days. Keep it up friend.
Jen N.
I don't hold myself accountable, since that promotes guilt when I don't do a habit (which makes me want to skip it again). Instead, I try to look honestly at why I skipped the habit. This gives me a chance to readjust my environment, attitude, etc., making the process about learning rather than perfection. And sometimes there's a valid reason for skipping a habit. In those times I need to be kind and understanding towards myself. After all, life happens. Just remember that when you feel like skipping your habit it's probably the time when you need that habit the most, since you put it there to help yourself.
Asli X.
I put my SMART goals on my bathroom mirror then i remmber them. Also I add a reward and even if i don't complete my goals i still get my reward 🙂
Paige N.
I'm a mom of 2 boys and married to a lovely man…other than the dog and gecko I'm the only girl! I use fabulous as ME time! Its daily notifications and reminders to take care of me. So I can continue taking care of all my boys and not end up down for a week every other month due to exhaustion only wanting to sleep. I have very few goals rn so I'm making the habits easy to achieve. At 1st I had to many and found myself unable to keep up and felt crummy about it. I've sense scaled it back to 1 to 2 things but I have a morning afternoon and evening plan. Ill admit I have completed 1 or 2 without really completing the goal…but then I have a guilty feeling so I vow to never to do it again. I hold myself accountable by making it enjoyable… having a mindset that's positive…. that's this is for the betterment of myself and a better me is better for everyone around me… and that's simply wat drives me.
Gen Z.
I have different strategies depending on the habit. For healthy eating, I have a friend who holds me accountable by fining me $10 for every day I fail. I have to send her a pic of all my meals every day. She has no mercy 😭
For some habits, I pair what I like less + what I like: flossing + watching a video 📺, running (or treadmill) + my fav podcast 🎧, eating healthy + a tiny portion of my fav 🍰 (or a cheat day during the week depending on my willpower that week).
The thing is to make councious, intentional decisions. No autopilot. Don't think about the whole thing, just take one step at a time. And it's okay to fail, I just accept it and restart asap.
It's not about achieving a perfect strike it's about how I'm feeling along the journey. I'm taking care of myself because I deserve the best, and no one can do it better than me. I hope it helps 🎈
Yumi A.
i think the habits must be a tool to reach a goal. commitment with the goal makes me going on. and self-knowledge showed me patterns that lead me to failure. being aware and thinking ahead in the consequences is better than listen to immediate self-indulging thoughts. you catch yourself telling lies so many times and one day you decide do different. to have differents outcomes.
Elif N.
i feel the same tempting and in that moment i try to remember to the feelings of when i get things done . That relief and that chance of getting the relief.. gives me the energy and willingness
Agnieszka E.
I don't necessarily do. I think I have too many habits in the system, and so it feels overwhelming when I'm not on top of things, and sometimes I barely am able to follow through. To make something more doable is the next step.
Park U.
Set up a nice work space, a clean table with nothing distracting on it will do. Or just sit on the floor, in a corner of room which is tidy. When you get the feeling of not wanting to complete the habit, thibk about how bad you will feel the next day about yourself. Also think about not having a zero day ever. If you dont wanna exercise, just do a plank or two. If you dont wanna eat healthy, just eat an apple. It will help you get started.