How do I really know that I’m meditating and not just closing my eyes and that’s it?

Natasha O.
It is difficult to just close your eyes. Thoughts come streaming in trying to fill the void and the imagination. So I know I’m meditating when I’m focussing on my breathing rather than the thoughts or a mantra I’m repeating. It’s a constant battle to chase the unrated throughs. A battle I am mastering day by day.

Albert F.
Your body, mind and soul takes a journey, you visualize it, you feel it. Your mind becomes calm, your body tingles and you are on with the universe.

Andrea C.
You should feel like you're in another world, like you're in a deep thought about something…but something peaceful! And once you start feeling like your time was passing really quick, then that means that your meditating and not just closing your eyes feeling bored!😉😀