What is better for a beginner: a guided meditation or just a music/bells meditation?

Soline P.
For beginners I'd definitely recommend guided meditations. Once you get the hang of it, you can try music/bells or even silence
Ma Lys S.
for me guided meditation worked best at first and it still does sometimes.try a few of them to see what works for you best in terms of narration/visualisations and then you can take what works for you out of them and meditate on your own
Afr Nio B.
I think a guides one is best to start with so can slowly reach urself how to do it with the guided meditation and once you’ve grown those skills then can practice on ur own. To each their own tho
Anthony P.
I feel like guided meditation is a good starting place, as I'd never done anything like that before a helping hand was definitely appreciated, rather than sitting in a quiet place with my own fresh thoughts not knowing how to begin to digest them, I'd maybe try both and see how you feel.
Emilie E.
I would definitely say guided at first. Just so you understand how to come back to your breath and to not fret about things. Then go off on your own once you get the idea.
Nicoline Z.
I would say guided meditation was perfect for me when I started. It helps get your breathing centered where it needs to be and helps keep you mind clear.
Capucine C.
I choose to believe that the guided meditation is better in the beginning if you've never meditated before and I have never meditated so I find it easier to be able to listen to the calming voice to help guide me in to the place that I'm looking for
Am Lie Z.
Guided! As a beginner I had no idea what to do. Should I think about space or a blank white wall? The guided meditation helped me stay focused and reassured me of my beginning practice.