What do you do when your meditation is interrupted?

Billy Brown
I ask myself how could i avoid the interruption or the inconvenience next time around.
If "me time " is being interrupted…I wonder how much time i am wasting on others….
While i ought to invest on my beautiful Fabulous Self.
Hopefully you can find this useful…
If not. …keep seeking for whatever works for you…
You ought to spend time together with your Self more often.
Finishing Results… most times:
1.Priceless Boundless Peace of mind
2.True knowledge
3.Infinite Wisdom

Hajo Michael
When my meditation is interrupted, I pause, then go right back to it. If I feel I’ve missed too much time to start again, I’ll add more time when I can continue. Don’t be too strict with yourself.

Tristan Spencer
At the core of the practice, there is no interruption in meditation. Everything that comes is part of the experience. The practice, depending on the “interruption” would be to observe how you react. Are you frustrated? Are you anxious about when the interruption will end? Focus on your physical and emotional reaction. Then once the “interruption” is gone, continue your practice.
Also, try your best not to see the interruption as an obstacle to overcome or something that stops your meditation. Instead, you can try to see it as another opportunity where you can observe Life and bring your mindfulness practice into the experience.

Séléna Vincent
I try to reground myself and get back into the practice. And if I can’t then I try to set aside time later to meditate a little bit more.

Ninon Henry
I started this programme only recently so found that with it being half term a little harder to stick to some of things but if the meditation was interrupted then I’d start it again later in the day

Elmer Watkins
Life is full of interruptions. I just attended to interruption, and if I have time, I will return to my meditation. If not, I practice acceptance. I am confident there will be more time to meditate.