Can we meditate while doing something?

Lucy Z.
I don’t think so, anyways it wouldn’t be good to meditate and do something else at the same time, point of meditation is to focus among other things. So NO!

Frederikke F.
That depends on what we mean by meditation. With practice and meditation tools, many moments of action can simultaneously become moments of presence and of looking at what is happening through meditative tools or lenses. Initially it is better to focus on formal practice, to let the meditative states take root, and then later on they are more easily accessible.

Alexander W.
The act of meditation can be described as sustained focus . Doing two things at the same time is not favorable for the purpose of meditation.
For meditation it is important one finds some time where they will be undisturbed and relaxed.

Veli X.
Not really. If its something simple, like walking or some house chores, you can do it mindfully, but it is not a proper meditation.

Erik N.
I find I can meditate while stretching. But the relaxation and inward focus required for meditation makes it a challenge to do other things while I meditate.

Holly U.
A few times I've used guided meditation app whilst driving to work and found it beneficial. It's not the same / fully immersive experience but it's definitely worthwhile. My general answer is no though… Make the time and focus.

Aiden B.
Something simple, I think yes, especially if we’re not usually too conscious of our actions as we do it (for me, drinking tea).

Melvin I.
It depends. I'm told yoga is an active meditation. I have also been able to meditate while doing an extremely repetitive household task. Think of Daniel-San in The Karate Kid: "wax on, wax off…."

Eva Z.
I don’t know, i just started meditating last week so for me the answer is no. I need to get into the habit of mediation as one before I can multitask. But maybe some people can meditate while doing something else, maybe it depends on the person. If they’re willing then anything is possible.

Thea G.
Absolutely! I use the Headspace app & there are multiple meditations for being on the go e.g. jogging, commuting, walking, cycling etc.

Ottfried E.
Yes. More specifically you can be mindfull in any activity you are performing. This can be considered a meditation exercise.

Lilian S.
I know there are active forms of meditation like yoga or running. But the calmness only happens for me when I'm completely focused on my breath

Alyssa E.
I would say yes. I find that, as I meditate, I look at potential stressors, upcoming events, and important deadlines in a different way. In a more thoughtful, slow, and holistic way. I recognize them for what they are, dissect every part of them, and realize that I am strong, I am competent, and I can do it/get through it. Then I slip into an even deeper meditation after this assessment of thought occurs, making my peace more profound as I realize that I really truly am at peace. I am technically “thinking” and “letting my mind wonder” for a time, but planning a course of action for my day, or even week, is something I love to do while meditating. You should give it a try!

Albrecht T.
No, I really don't think so. The whole point of meditation is being in the present, because the mind diverts and when you are in total silence, your mind tends to think about past, or future, in that moment you have to get it together and maybe focus on your breathing, which in my case really helped. During meditating, you are so at ease in your mind, body and soul that they are in perfect synchronization which is a whole different feeling on another level.

Frida Y.
we can meditate when we asking but i don’t think we should meditate when do anything high energy or that uses lots of thought to process

Colleen E.
I would say yes. There is definitely ways to meditate while doing things or certain tasks where you learn to allow your mind to be away from everything. I am not sure this is written on meditation books/rules but I don’t think there is a rigid rule when the question is your mindfulness.

Elise T.
There are many different types of meditation, each of which has a different "meditation object." There is breath meditation, walking meditation, lovingkindness meditation, sensory meditation, analytical meditation, forest bathing, and many more that could be invented. The important thing is that you are training your attention and awareness in relation to the meditation object. So yes you could be doing an activity while meditating, but the goal is not to complete the activity. Rather it is to pay extremely close attention to the activity while maintaining awareness of the workings of your mind. Usually this means you won't be particularly productive at the activity while meditating 😉

Naomi E.
Yes! Meditation can be done while walking, cleaning, making tea, cooking, and more. Monks have found many ways to meditate, not all of which involve sitting down!

Thea W.
No. Because the purpose of meditation is to be in the present moment and not wander about things that result in overthinking which is damaging to mental health.

Storm Y.
We can do yoga while we meditate
It depends on how deep you want your body mind and spirit to travel
Breathing thru the nose or mouth at different counts can be very beneficial in your entire body.
Benefits of Breathing Techniques
If your faced with pain breathing exercises are a dream catcher as it helps the mind focus on breathing rather than the pain
You can chill and meditate 420 style
It helps alleviate the stress and allows you to meditate any style

Daphn C.
Sounds counter intuitive but yes it's possible the example that comes to mind is long distance cycling (on a quiet road with no traffic to worry about)

Ismael P.
Unfortunately, no. Meditation is meant to have your entire focus and you will get absolutely no benefit from it if you try to multi-task. In fact, multi-tasking is actually less effective than giving one thing all of your attention and that is precisely what meditation teaches you to do. There are no shortcuts or easy tricks to finding inner peace and that is what meditation offers you; it’s something you must learn and practice. Nobody is good at it at first so don’t let that discourage you. If you begin the practice and stick to it you will be very glad that you did.

Lesa Y.
Yes! There are 4 basic types of meditations: you can sit, lie, walk or even run while meditating. You can also meditate during your commute.

Duane S.
You can do mediations for walking and eating! I haven't done them myself, but I'm sure a Google search will find great ones

Ily S Y.
Yes, one could meditate while walking or eating for example. Focus on the task at hand, each motion, taste, feel etc. Be conscious of breathe and body and perhaps practice since gratitude

Tomas U.
Humans are notoriously bad at multitasking. However there is a school of thought for meditation in action ie running, and other types of movement.