Yes!! I typically sit criss cross on the floor but my legs falls asleep. But it is also the most comfortable position. How do others position themselves and how long does it take?

Cecilie W.
I tend to do what you do. But it’s worth re adjusting so they don’t fall asleep. I practise this on yoga. Sometimes it’s nice to stretch legs out and wiggle then go back 😃
Ella J.
I think not to focus on the situation will make it easier for the person and the will may be a good motivator as well but if there is really specialized suffer from this matter I think they should search the Internet
Laura Z.
I also sit cross cross, however, I keep it looser so my legs don't fall asleep as quickly. I'm mostly crossed at the ankles with my knees out in a butterfly position rather than stacking my legs
Victor Z.
I usually start cross-legged, but then moved to a flat back, laying down, if it becomes too uncomfortable and distracting.
Heinz Joachim E.
I just sit on a low dose bed with my feet on the floor. As long as you feel the ground, it's a good position. + Your knees don't ache.