How do I find time and energy to meditate in the morning?

Ismail O.
Don't allow yourself to think about what you want to achieve first thing in the morning, just get started doing it so you can't psych yourself out of it.

Wanda Z.
Start with only 2 to 5 minutes. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you when it’s over. Just relax (no energy required) and focus on your breath. When your mind wanders, observe it and bring your focus back to your breath. When it starts tone easy, slowly increase by one or two minutes at a time.

Caleb O.
Waking up earlier. Also realizing that mediation helps people find more meaning in their actions, it makes me hopeful that the same will apply to me as well.

Frederikke Z.
At the beginning might be hard, I started by using fabulous 5 min meditation and it work wonders as it was embedded on my routine, then I jumped to other apps, and even though I don't have it as a habit, my body and mind loves so much the feeling that it kind of asks for it now.

Alex C.
It took me about a year of of and on meditating. Then one day I just said I'm meditating fur as year straight and so far I've kept to that

Zen Bia P.
Start small and make it a habit. Just a few deep mindfull breaths are enough. Once the habit is established you can expand on your meditation practice and take more time.

Silvester F.
Waking up 10 minutes earlier doesn’t hurt. Add to your routine you will feel empowered and refreshed ready for the day ahead.

Normano Q.
Don't force it in the moorning, if you have more motivation agter a long day to relax and meet yourself, do it in the afternoon the benefits are the same.

Apostolos G.
I personally found time when I put meditation in my everyday schedule and routine, it’ll become something that you don’t want to skip never again. And the energy from the evening meditation, because you’ll have better sleep and won’t struggle to get up anymore

Adam U.
I try to change the way I look at it. I know that my day will go so much better if I do it. So I see it as an essential rather than optional chore. So it's as important as having a shower, brushing my teeth etc and I make time for it, even if it's only 20 mins.

Florence C.
I think that as we develop our habit & rituals to include morning meditation, we will actually feel more energy & find that we can complete more tasks in a timely manner. Perhaps counterintuitively, we will actually feel like we have more time if we develop the skill to meditate every morning. A practical matter is that I did have to simplify my morning ritual a bit- but it was similar in some ways to how I incorporated drinking water first thing in the morning and making my bed right away in the morning. I have adjusted the time I wake up in the morning and ensured I have a quiet place to meditate. But I try not to make it too complicated.

Mareike U.
I meditate right after I brush my teeth because I brush my teeth right after I wake up. That way I'm not going to fall right back asleep if I do it immediately after waking up. I already have the time in the morning because I get up an hour and a half before I get ready.

Louka O.
Meditation doesn't take long, even five minutes can be a relaxing and grounding experience and I feel really good after just ten minutes! It is easy to slip in after some stretches to get me out of bed in the morning

Africano F.
Meditating will give you energy, so that's a good reason to start. I started with one minute and increased it by 30 seconds every day. I'm up to 10 minutes now and that's a comfortable doable amount for me. I used a timer to increase the time daily.

Noah Z.
I do a very quick meditation – usually 3-6 minutes and do it laying in bed before I get up, it's a good slow wake up and puts me in the right mindset for the day.

Amelia S.
It depends upon if you already have a morning routine. If you don't have a morning routine then I'd start there, it will change your life! I promise! If you do have a morning routine I'd meditate while you are doing something that you do every day, ie: in the shower, walking etc. So, if you have children I'd recommend meditating before they wake up so that you don't have to worry about any distractions! As far as finding energy to mediate you don't have to put much energy into it other than clearing your mind but you'll get better at that the more you meditate! You might only be able to focus on your breathing while meditating for 2-3 minutes but eventually you'll train your brain after repetition and then it'll be habitual! If you're worried about falling asleep while meditating then I'd recommend sitting up in a chair or you can meditate outside! Good luck! I hope this helps! 🙂

Heidi J.
I do not know. I have prioritized exercise and breakfast but am not getting meditation in before I eat. I do it more at night and when I join the practice group once a week in the morning.

Isabella Z.
Hi fellow seeker

That is what I was thinking… I have 2 small children, both of them sleep with me still and the little one just started to have a deeper sleep. Until now if I woke up and went to the bathroom she would wake up too.

So what I did ( mind you only for a few days) I set the alarm to wake up early and did the meditation exersise in my bed.

I have a lot of faith in the power of meditation because I took a class of hypnobirthing for my first pregnancy and I was able to have a wonderful birth experience without pain medication and also without a lot of disconfort.

I just let myself carried away and did not persue the practice after the birth of my children.

If you habe faith that this is something that will make your life better you will find the energy to do it and even look foward to.

All the best whishes to you,
Diana from Romania

Jade Y.
Time should be at least 20 minutes, or an hour or two if you’re deep in it. 20 minutes is easy to plan for. After the stage is set could you safely add time to your meditation sit, but first, you must engage the discipline to repeat it. Repeating the sitting takes an initial push. And this is where energy comes in. Typically, morning has been a universally recognized time to sit because it contains the quiet before the hussle. But we are so sleepy when we wake up. Therefore, the meditation is to generate the sufficient push to begin the meditation every few moments because of the heaviness of the Sleep Monster. That is also why meditation is done with eyes open, and in fact, forcefully keeping the eyes open becomes a foothold in the meditation. This all goes without saying that you must get up, fold your dreams and put them on the bed, have a glass of water, and sit. You cannot sit up from where you were just dreaming and tell yourself the posture is good enough when “sitting,” cozy with the blanket still covering your shivering little knee caps. There cannot be any tolerance for our own excuses. That’s why it builds motherfreaking character. Hope that zenifies your day, Dawg.

Ella B.
When planning your day, start with the night before. Go to bed early enough to get the amount of sleep your body needs (between 7 and 9 hours depending on the person).
You can then wake up refreshed and practice meditation as part of your morning ritual while your mind is still calm.

Lea Y.
Start small, just take a few minutes during your morning to be present. Sit with yourself and take stock of the moment and how you feel. Gradually build this habit and lengthen the amount of time you spend meditating.