How can you think pf nothing while meditating?

Pheonyx I.
It’s not really about thinking about nothing. It’s more like allowing your thoughts to pass by like clouds being an observer of the thought rather than the driver fully enthralled and inside the thought. To help myself I started with just one minute a day, I would ground myself meaning imagining a cord starting from my tailbone reaching into the center of the earth and letting it flow back up into me and then opening my crown (the top of my head) imagining a beautiful light from the heaven flowing down my head down my back and up my stomach and flowing out the top of my head and out of my hands. Then I connect with my breath sometimes I would count my breaths to stay tuned in to myself. Now I love to look at the energy behind my eyes and just observe it and hear what my inner voice has to say. Enjoy yourself it takes practice, sometimes I still find myself grabbing onto thoughts and letting them take me for a ride. Be patient with yourself.
Dear N.
Keep practicing. Until you reach that point in your practice, the big thing is to let your thoughts come and go without judging them. Have something you choose will be your focus, your thing that you are thinking of. Maybe your breathing or a phrase your keep repeating to yourself. For example, repeat "in, out" slowly, in time with your breath. Start to notice when your thoughts are going off in a new direction, don't judge yourself for thinking thoughts, and bring your focus back to that thing you've decided will be your focus.
Leigh N.
I do have thoughts when I meditate which sometimes distract me. Usually I try to focus on my breathing to centre me back in the present moment, or whenever my attention turns back to meditating. I have empathy for myself, because nobody can meditate without accepting they will have thoughts at times. With practice it will be easier.
Dan Q.
I don’t think of nothing. I observe my breath and my mind as it moves around. The mind will move and thoughts will come, there’s no reason to resist that. My goal is to observe it and practice returning to a point of focus and grounding when I notice my mind has started thinking again.