What helps you stay consistent with your habits?

Lillie T.
Thank you for your question. What’s helped me to stay consistent is the honesty I choose to have with myself. There were times along this journey where I didn’t fulfill a habit during a routine for whatever reason being and yet I still took the time at the end of my day to reflect, be grateful and make note of the fact that I’m not perfect giving myself grace to keep moving forward. When I fulfilled a habit that day I made sure to celebrate. No matter how big or small it’s progress and I needed to take the time to process through my journey to know that it is mine and it will look different and unique in itself. Thank you for letting me share.
Kelly P.
The Fabulous App really does help me stay consistent. Now I have a streak going, and don't want to break it! Also, I try to be mindful and attentive (and write down when possible) the benefits I see from maintaining my habits and routine, both physical and mental/emotional. Best of luck to you on your journey!
Lia O.
To stay consistent on your habits, you must not think of it as work or a burden, for it would automatically make your mind think about it negatively. Think of your habits as fun and energetic sessions/moments. Watching inspiring videos about it can also make an impact of your perspective and behavior towards those habits. You may also find a friend or partner to do them if you are more comfortable and would most likely to enjoy it. And the most important thing is making time for it. Never say that you don't have the time for it because you do have time if you make a schedule of when you'll do those habits and stick to it.