How do I make a meditation habit stick?

Ryan C.
Stick to the time and place. Do it until the timer goes off, even if you don't "feel" successful. "Feel" good about having done it, regardless. It will come.
Wade C.
Reminding yourself is a key aspect, as well as attempting to make time for it in your schedule. It helped to do it later in the night so that i could have enough time to complete it.
Lila O.
There has to be a why, a reason strong enough to compel you to do it. A goal you will arrive to if you focus, commit and do it. A fierce action that motivates you.
Stephen Z.
Practice practice practice. The more I do it, the easier it gets. I meditated 38 minutes today. My goal is 60 minutes everyday.
Gl Ria S.
Best thing that works for me is doing it first thing in the morning. As soon as I wake up, I sit myself down on the pillow next to my bed, light up some incense and focus on my breathing while calming my mind. This allows me to feel where I am and set an intention for the day. It also helps to know I will be a lot more emotionally resilient and sharper in my awareness when I do it in the morning.