Do you prefer a guided meditation session, where you have an idea of the topic or do you just meditate on your own and go with what is in your heart or mind?

Norah C.
I prefer both. When I don’t have a lot of time, I’ll do a binaural beats meditation for 10-15 minutes. When I have a bit more time, I like to do a mediation by Dr. Dispenza. Those are usually 45 minutes to an hour, but are very profound.

Sofia P.
I start with a guided meditation on a subject or area that speaks to me at the time and end with a time of silence and letting go of thoughts.

Lyna T.
I prefer guided meditation session rather than meditate on my own. I am still a beginner, so I don't really know how to meditate yet. So a guided meditation really help me to get a grasp on how do I exactly need to meditate.

Eveline C.
I prefer guided. I've been meditating for over 10 years and yet still I find my mind can wander. A guided meditation keeps me on track on those chaotic days, but sometimes of I'm feeling particular relaxed of mind then I may go unguided.

Rick Z.
Most of the time I use guided meditation apps like Headspace or Simple Habit, but sometimes I'll just sit in nature with a timer on and let myself drift, or I'll focus on something I need to puzzle out and meditate on that for five or ten minutes.

Phoebe E.
Mostly, I prefer quiet, on my own meditation, but once in while I’ll change it up with guided. I’m benefitting from the Life on repeat meditation this week, which is part of my challenge.

Vickie P.
I prefer a guided meditation as I think it helps when you have just started out. It's hard to concentrate on your own when you have no idea what meditation feels like really. So I think for beginers guided meditation is a great way to get acquainted withand then later find out what you prefer.

Mathias U.
I prefer to go with what is in my heart. However both methods have their pros and cons. Going by what is in my heart help me channel my meditation goal to the path I desire and I consciously monitor my progress. The cons for me is I sometimes get distracted coz I have a lot in my heart. Having an idea or topic given to me sometimes don’t fit into my ideas and goals.

Lindamar C.
That really depends what your intention is for meditation. For me I like guided meditation, but if I have an on going thought I like to meditate for an answer perhaps set an intention to

Storm G.
In my opinion, if you are just beginning to meditate, like myself, a guided meditation would work best in the beginning. As you become more comfortable with meditating, the process, and controlling your own thoughts that is when I would suggest letting your mind go and following the journey wherever it takes you.

David U.
By right, I've heard that a proper meditation is silent and with a clear mind. Meaning I should not be thinking or hearing anything during meditation.

Nowadays though, even affirmations or subliminals and guided visualizations are labelled as "meditations" to the masses.

I do both.

The classic silent meditations, to keep me grounded and clear minded amidst (and before going back into) our busy noisy lives, best done in the early morning before everyone is awake so I don't get disturbed by unexpected chores. I do this as part of my Miracle Morning routine S. A. V. E. R. S..

I also listen to affirmations or subliminals. I make my own now, and listen to & speak it out daily.

And then I listen to guided visualization. My favourite is Jason Stephenson's Your Ideal Life on YouTube. I also have a vision board, I use Visuapp as my vision board.

Theo P.
I think I like both. I like to just meditate while watching the thoughts that are flowing through my mind. But occasionally I guess I guided meditation about a certain topic is great. Diversity is good.

Benjamin C.
I prefer to have a guided meditation 🧘‍♀️ because if it is free to meditate on my own I end up doing nothing as I do not know exactly how to meditate.