Do you see anything when you meditate? What do you see?

Andrew Z.
If I'm able to fully relax i can sometimes see some patterns but most of the time i see darkness, but not in the way i can see it while closing my eyes It's a lot darker and It feels lie the color is surrounding my whole vision
Lvia Q.
Sometimes I choose to picture something peaceful , a calm scene, a person who brings me peace. But more often than not I end up picturing my thoughts as a cartoon, or an emoji.

But that's when I'm distracted by my thoughts. When I'm really into the meditation when I'm really there let's say, it's almost like everything is blank I don't see anything at that time and somehow that's very comforting to me.

Alana E.
I do. Sometimes thoughts of the day ahead or visuals of my surrounding pop into my head. Sometimes I get a visual of where the person who is doing the meditation might be or just a visual of the beautiful creature in the graphic that was on the screen before I started. Other times I see a picture of a peaceful place surrounding me and still other times I can see me going about my day with all the things that I’m meditating on coming into play. My mind is always visualizing something. If I find that it’s distracting and I want to clear my head I will focus on the dark space of blackness that I see when my eyes are closed.
Suraje Q.
It depends on the day and the meditation topic. Sometimes I imagine where my breath is going in my body. Other times I focus into myself and the inside of my brain, kind of like the movie inside out. Or on occasion if there is something stressful, that will pop into my head
Carey Z.
Not really…but what i do see is just contours and shadows. visualization takes a lot of practice and patience; which i’ve don’t have but i’m good with what i do see. it’s enough to get the idea