How do you prevent feeling sleepy during meditation?

Elmer Z.
Firstly, there is nothing wrong in if you fall asleep or fill sleepy while meditation. While meditating with breaths or observing thoughts, we generally loose our sense of surroundings by putting up our attention in voidness. This certainly makes us feel sleepy and dozy. Something similar happens while we reading because then too we are completely out of our actual environment. But if we keep the consiousness working and be aware of the place we are situated, it helps us be awake. This is just my experience and no theory.
Sandra F.
I do not. That does not happen to me for a long time. In the past, it happened when I was too tired. Make sure you are having a good night sleep
Hanne Lore J.
Hi I’ve fallen asleep during my morning meditation myself 😴😴😴😴 if I stay in bed ! So my trick to get out of my warm cozy bed is to throw the covers on the floor ready to make the bed so there’s no staying in there. If I sit up while I’m doing it I don’t fall asleep. So my routine is get up throw those covers off the bed match to the bathroom wash my face with cold water brush teeth and by then I’m awake and go back to my space and sit to do the meditation
Hope that helps you 🤓
Louis S.
I dont I always feel sleepy during meditation so I sechdule to do it at the end of the day when It is ok to fall asleep for the evening
Luke J.
I try to meditate in the morning to prevent sleepiness, also avoid meditating after meals. Also meditate sitting up and slightly open the eyes to allow some light in.
Laurine A.
Well, I'm not sure if my way is the best, it works for me though. I meditate after breakfast .You know I start my day with a glass of water then I make and eat breakfast. In the meanwhile I remind myself of the quotes I've read before which are inspiring. Subsequently I start my meditation sessoin feeling pretty awake.
Lisa U.
You bring it back to the breath as your anchor. If the body is releasing tension and its telling you to sleep then you may need it more at that point in time
Nikolaus Z.
I usually sit upright during meditation. I prefer back support and a comfy chair. Sometimes, if I'm not tired, I'll even lay on my back. If I had an issue with sleepiness during meditation I would sit with no back support. It's hard to sleep sitting up. If that still didn't work I would sit on something harder or less comfortable. Keep focus on your breath. Bringing awareness to yourself may give way to sleep. But also, sleep may be just what you need.