Yes. How exactly does one calm one’s mind in order to meditate? Like how can I quiet my mind completely in order to experience peace?

Maria Eduarda Portes
Focus on breathing, maybe make a sound that you can focus on, if you can just let go of your thoughts and pay attention to your body

Aneez Bhyat
Don't go in with expectations or labels about peace or quiet or this or that. Start by just following your breath. Notice your thoughts as they arise and watch them. Then return to your breath. Always back to your breath. With practice the gaps between your brain wandering will reduce.

Erstename Familiename
The first, and most important thing to remember when trying to meditate or quiet the mind is this: the more you actively attempt to quiet your mind, the harder it will be to quiet your mind. So, the trick is simply to observe your thoughts, and not interact with them. This is quite difficult sometimes, because we are so used to thinking, but eventually, with time and practice, your mind will quieten and you'll be at peace, mentally.