Yes. How exactly does one calm one’s mind in order to meditate? Like how can I quiet my mind completely in order to experience peace?

Nadine I.
It’s a process, you aren’t instantly or even consistently good at it. Peace comes in practice and is gradual until one day you notice you have more reserves to deal with life when you have meditated. You notice especially if you haven’t.

You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great (eventually).

Maria R.
Focus on breathing, maybe make a sound that you can focus on, if you can just let go of your thoughts and pay attention to your body
Fox N.
Close your eyes, have a darker environment surrounding you and the list goes on. The main point is your breath – each time you meditate, it is very likely you might need to work on breath focus. You can get help you that on an app I LOVE: Balance. Good luck, and good morning/afternoon/night!
Aneez O.
Don't go in with expectations or labels about peace or quiet or this or that. Start by just following your breath. Notice your thoughts as they arise and watch them. Then return to your breath. Always back to your breath. With practice the gaps between your brain wandering will reduce.
Melvin J.
Try to pay attention to ur breathing. For example, breathe in ur nose for 4 seconds and out ur mouth for 6 seconds. When those loud thoughts come into ur mind, keep bringing ur thoughts back to ur breathing to quiet them
Olena O.
In every meditation there are words:"just gentle notice it, without judgement". Just with practice. Your mind could wander, but you should gentle notice it and return to your meditation.
Erstename S.
The first, and most important thing to remember when trying to meditate or quiet the mind is this: the more you actively attempt to quiet your mind, the harder it will be to quiet your mind. So, the trick is simply to observe your thoughts, and not interact with them. This is quite difficult sometimes, because we are so used to thinking, but eventually, with time and practice, your mind will quieten and you'll be at peace, mentally.