How do you keep your mind away from worrying about a partner in a long distance relationship when you’re meditating?

Marliatou Q.
I let it pass like one or more clouds. The same must be done before meditation: eat, pi, drink water and use always the same place to meditate.
Mane Q.
Meditation has helped me a lot, it helps me break out from the cycle of worries that usually takes place in my head. If I'm having trouble concentrating and making myself the priority in my meditation practice, I stop for a minute and think or say out loud the following phrase: "I give myself permission to stop thinking about *this* while I'm meditating". I say it as many times as I need (maybe 10 or so) and then try again. Hope this is helpful.
Tyler P.
It's completely natural to worry about your partner and have them in your thoughts. Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. Practice letting your thoughts flow into your head and then gently let them go. If you are having intrusive thoughts about negative things, ask yourself "what if that doesn't happen?" Letting things pass through your mind is there most important part, not being empty. The emptiness comes, but even Buddhist monks have thoughts come during meditation.
Marta Z.
Yo try to go back and focus on your breath. Bring it back to the core everytime your mind wanders, no judgment, don't be hard on yourself, just observe how you are feeling and try to go back to the breath
Eva N.
Promise yourself you'll address any worries you have after your meditation time. Maybe even write your worries down before meditation so your mind doesn't think it needs to hold onto the information.
Karina Z.
Your meditation is time for you to ground yourself. It is a misconception that in meditation we should clear our minds of any thoughts and this perception makes people give up. However I believe in the benefit of holding your feelings with gentleness, allowing them to be, without judgement, as good or bad, identify the area of the body where you might hold tension related to that issue, it can be in the chest area or neck, and breathe into that area. By returning to the practice every day you will get better at being present and calming down worries.
Roslynn H.
I’ve only just begun to practice meditation and mindfulness so my mind definitely does get of focus and for me what has worked to keep me in the moment and focusing on myself and no one else to count my breaths to ten and then repeat until my mind is clear of thoughts to where I can continue to be in the present
Iina Y.
I try by all means not to think about them and what they are up to.

I wait on them to call. That way i see if they love and value me

Floyd J.
Having your mind wonder while meditating is normal, especially when thinking about your loved ones. I'm in this situation too and this is how I try to keep my mind away from wandering while meditating: At the beginning of each session I'm telling myself that I'll take a bit of time from the day to focus on myself so that I can spend a few minutes at the end letting my mind wander. This way if I'm worrying about something I'll be able to see the problem much more clear after the meditation.
Kaelen N.
I personally don't think long distance relationships are worth the stress unless there are no other options. If it's too much stress, it might be best to just move on, unfortunately.
Florence N.
There is no point to worry unless something has happened. The voice in our head likes to confuse people and bring unnecessary doubts.
Neeta U.
When the thought comes do not push it away otherwise it'll become more intense. Focus on your breathing. Count to 4 breathing in, then 8 breathing out. Slowly the thoughts will pass as you concentrate on this. Good luck!
Florencia P.
You think of them with love and with hope that they're thinking of you too, don't think about what they are doing but of the things you did together and slowly look at those memories and let them go, just as any other thought
Toph T.
Well..Sometimes I read a book or just take a nap. Making me focus on other things makes me forget about everything. I make me some tea or maybe choclate milk..Or just a smoothie..Meditation helps me calm down and have an relaxing day
Frank A.
I don't. When the mind goes there and I notice it I kindly go back to the breath and count that as one rep of paying attention to what my mind is up to. I say silently under my breath 'thinking' or 'that is thinking' sometimes to emphasize the noticing. And then I start again. As far as I understand this is the practice of (insight) meditation. Noticing and starting again.
Malone Z.
By coming back to focusing your breathe every time. As you continue the practice of meditation, you’ll get better with time with that focus. The goal is to use your awareness and to observe that thought of worrying and to come to an understanding with worry. As time goes by, you can see it as it comes and goes, it’ll will always be there, but you can minimize the impact it has on you.
Al Xia Q.
We used to be long-distance. (I mean REALLY long. UK/AUS) First of all, the worry is totally normal, a natural instinct about something beyond your control. The best answer is to just focus on your breathing and slowly but gently bring your mind back of it wanders away by saying "Thank you but not right now" breathe deep. I try and meditate with nature sounds personally to help keep my mind a bit calmer.

Most importantly, know that before, during and after your meditation, your lover is still there and still with you. You're doing fine. I hope this helps and I hope you can both see each other when it's safe to.