At times I have difficulty staying awake when I meditate in the morning. Does it happen to you too? How do you stay awake?

Barbara C.
Absolutely! Play around with a different time of day, meditating with your eyes open (soft gaze), and/or simply making sure you’re more rested! Sometimes our mind doesn’t know what else to do with a calm moment than to finally rest (it may be the time it can finally let go).
Rom O S.
I sit with legs crossed in an upright position, with a cushion either behind or underneath me if support needed, with my hands forming a circle resting on lap. If you’re still feeling sleepy try going to bed half an hour or an hour earlier and maybe have some water to drink as soon as you wake to ‘freshen’ up the body before you meditate…
Sofia E.
It’s okay to let your mind wander into a calm state but just make sure you direct your thoughts and concentrate on the breaths. So your brain is still always thinking and working.