When do you find is the best time to clean the house?

Tessa E.
In the morning before shower , or before going to sleep so when you wake up you can get in to the shower and feel clean while also being in a clean house
Lito C.
I like to keep clean and tidy as I go. This way it doesn't seem as if I'm cleaning very much. It also means that when it comes to doing a full clean, it's already mostly done! Living in a clean a tidy environment really lifts my mood and energy levels just by looking around. It feels good to know when those jobs are all done.
Muhammad Q.
If you can do it right after waking up in the morning, after that glass of water, breakfast, and exercise routine, I think that would be the best time
Diana U.
The morning. I’m always the most motivated and solution oriented when I first get up. Tasks are simpler before the day has a chance to wrangle them into complicated ordeals that steal my time with their need to be carefully thought out and intricately planned. In the morning I spend time acting instead of thinking about acting.