Do you use Headspace in collaboration with Fabulous?

Elisandra E.
Yes. It has the best meditations and I like many features and courses. Would love to see a collab between those two apps.
Tony Y.
Yes I do, I find this too expensive, and I chose the 14-day trial for the moment. Fabulous has only a few meditations and I am a bit tired of them, I don’t feel like they serve me anymore. I’ve been trying Calm and Shine and another one… Cal m trial was nice but I think I prefer Headspace, I have good memories from a time before meeting Fabulous, I signed up for a year
Eugene N.
That is a great question. I have subscribed to headspace but haven’t really took advantage of it for some reason. I use various YouTube meditation, especially guided meditation depending on how much time I have that day. It is not an organized systematic approach but I do what I can when I can. Juggling my busy life I have fewer opportunities to carve it out. WhY works for you???
Philip Z.
Yes, I think it’s important to really build your brain function to be successful both apps challenge your brain differently but work well together
Hans Bernd I.
No. I find that using multiple apps decreases the level of simplicity and productivity in the long run. Personally I feel that I see more success when I keep things simple and stick to one app.