How do you keep your mind from wandering?

Ramon S.
I dont think you can control or keep your mind from wandering off but if you do dont get frustrated with yourself. Just bring yourself back to the state of relaxing. Whatever your mind has wondered off to I feel it is a way of addressing these issue and once you have finished meditating you will either have solutions for the problem or you will have a better attitude towards it if you cant solve it.
Niete E.
Daily meditation is helping. I created a meditation area in my home, my yoga mat and pillow. I roll it out in the morning. The TV is on the wall in front. Meditating us still fairly new for me. I've tried different teachers and I'm getting more comfortable and able to relax, visualize and control my breathing. Accepting the fact that thoughts will always come and go. The point for me is to be able to focus More on the task at hand rather than having a million random thoughts. Journaling helps get thoughts off the brain. I write everything down. Hardly ever read it. But it helps.
Gottlieb X.
It is difficult, I try to focus on something specific. For me a grounding technique is to hold a small object (rock, paperclip, ball etc.) and try to simply focus on that. How does it feel? What temperature is it? Etc.
Bert O.
I focas on the specific task at hand. The steps I need to get me closer to my goals and ways to achieve them.
J Nio A.
When realizing that I've been aloof or not conscious per se, I being myself back by asking myself, where am I? What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Another exercise I put in practice is to start consciously paying attention to surroundings, details, what is happening to my body, intent to listen to my body, for example, what can I smell or hear, what can I feel? Is it cold hot etc…
L O Y.
I focus on the breath first. Then on the sensations of the body. Trying to put all my attention in the inhale and exhale
Jesus J.
I don't really. The guided breathing mediation I do always says that it's not Al for the mind to wonder, it's just a matter of practicing bring yourself back when your mind wanders, and the guided voice helps with that because it gives me something to tune into and reminds me to refocus when my mind wanders.
Gloria Z.
I let my mind wander a little, then I acknowledge the thought and let it float away like a cloud. I don't judge the thought or let it affect me.
Abel A.
You don't. As humans, our minds naturally wander. The idea is to not dwell on the thoughts. When you notice the wandering, gently (like a feather) refocus on your breath and then your inner self by using your centering Word.
Cl Udio S.
It’s almost impossible to keep your mind from wandering – that’s natural! When you notice that your mind has wandered, then you can take a conscious moment to recentre yourself in the present
Daniel W.
I like to use a guided meditation personally. I feel that if I find my mind wonders it will help me keep on track. Apart from that I find that making an effort to focus on the rising and falling of my chest when I breathe is also a good way of preventing it.
Sebastian Y.
I don’t worry about it too much. When I realize that my mind has wandered, I tell myself “focus on your breathing. in out in out…” Saying in and out while breathing helps.
Nathaniel Q.
The answer is to keep practising meditation. The aim is not that you are not supposed to have thoughts. Thoughts are natural, but to train the attention of your mind, that helps you to stay concentrated. When you realise your mind has wandered, realise, bring it back to the breath. The more quickly you can realise your mind has wandered, the faster you can return to the breath. In time, this will get easier, as with any skill. Do not give up! ❤️
Susie U.
Be aware that your mind is wandering, and relax. Don’t try to ignore or focus on what your thoughts are, just let them happen. By letting them naturally occur and observing them you are learning about yourself, your thoughts and your feelings.
Thea W.
Usually I will focus in the breath by counting the number of breath I've taken but if you have wondered it's great to note whether you are thinking or feeling