How will this meditation session effect not only me, but others around me?

Deodira F.
When I meditate, I am able to give back more to the groups that I care most about. I can be a better teacher, friend, daughter, sister. I can find time and confidence to date. I am healthier and that gives me energy to serve & strengthen instead of passing on infection and weakness.

Sandra Y.
I will become more peaceful,and others will also feel peace on conversing with me

Belen F.
I will be more calm, have more space in me to react on things properly.

Valmira W.
Meditation is the breath which is life. When focused on the here and now of breathing I am present. This peace extends to the environment.

Cecil C.
Dealing with less snark / moody / gloom me. Less shutting down.

Josefine G.
By bringing ourselves into the present, we can be more mindful of how we think about ourselves and of others. The awareness will guide us to positive change.

Milia T.
It would make me more understanding to things that I cannot change.

Jonathan W.
It helps me be in better control of myself and my emotions. This impacts how I interact with others and how I respond to difficult situations. It helps prepare me for what's ahead.