Do people actually meditate in the morning? How do you find the time?

Ma Line T.
I think no because when you wake up in the morning you will think about what lies ahead in that day and some people wake in the morning then go to work early so doesnt have time to meditate..i think the right time to do it is at night before you sleep so that your mind is clear and you will not think about the bad things happened that day and you will have a goodnighy sleep.

Morris U.
Meditation is about clearing the mind and preparing for your time ahead
You can meditate sitting, standing or laying eyes open or closed
A few deep breaths when going to the bathroom, could be all you need to

Andreas Z.
Yes. Some make time more easily than others because it has become a habit like brushing ones teeth. Others are growing into it because they are learning the importance of prioritizing their own mental health and wellness.

Clara C.
I have recently found time to meditate in the mornings by waking up earlier and only meditating for a short period of time (5-10mins). I also typically do it while I’m waiting for my tea or my breakfast to cook that way I’m not wasting any time.

Kaylee T.
My morning routine is:

Drink water
Take antacid
Brush teeth

Meditation is 10-20 minutes. I play nature sounds in the background.

I do it because it makes the whole day better. It's the action that gives me a bonus to all the hard work I do the rest of the day. I get to consciously reap the benefits of meditation for hours and hours everyday by making it happen early.

Good luck!

Johanne C.
Yes, I get up before the rest of the house gets up. Go to the bathroom. I know to much info. Then I sit down and meditate. I have found it’s the perfect start to my day I then get to really enjoy my morning cup of tea

Tim W.
I don’t get up to do it. I meditate to be relaxed, present, and in touch with my body, so I do it lying down. For like ten or twenty minutes. I use an app or the regular practices. Then I don’t go right back to sleep, but I also don’t have to get going immediately

Gordon P.
I do it when I wake up and am drinking my water sat in bed. It helps that it’s still warm and comfy. Just set your alarm 15mins earlier to allow for it?

Salvador P.
I do it right away in the morning. I make my coffee, drink a glass of water, take my vitamins and then meditate. It’s a daily routine. After awhile, it is so ingrained it just who you are.

Elgar N.
Before I get out of bed, just after I wake, I do a guided meditation for 5 minutes. It sets me up to have a good day with a positive intention.

Jaroslav Y.
I have a daily routine which I And now incorporate it it with my breath app . I set my alarm clock each morning 15 it 20 mins early for me to meditate and set my intentions for the day

Mae Y.
I use the Calm app for 10 minute guided meditation, so it is short. I deep breathe 5 times right when I wake up (last Fabulous 7 Day Challenge) to calm and collect myself. Then a few morning things (make coffee, take vitamins, etc.). Then sit down with the Calm app to do my morning guided meditation. It usually only takes 10 to 12 minutes.

If I have time I also do mindfulness quiet meditation, too. You can also do that as your morning meditation for just 5 minutes. Calm also has "Emergency Meditation" if you need further help ranging from I think 1 or 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes.

Just 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation is all you need to relax and enjoy the day!

Jayden O.
Yes. It is the best time for me to meditate- and it preps me for my very busy day. It is among the first things I do as a part of my morning routine. I have done it 1240 days straight. Most mornings it is 20 minutes. But, nearly every morning it is some time. If I don’t get to do it I squeeze it in some time each day. It has been a game changer for me in my performance and my overall happiness and success. Each day I see it’s fruits.

Clarice Z.
I meditate for 10 minutes right after I wake up and before I get up from bed using Calm app. I used to waste much more time than that in the morning to check my email, Facebook etc. Make the meditation practice so easy you can do it any day. If I’m in a hurry, I meditate only one minute. It’s your meditation — do it in a way YOU can do it.

Owen E.
I don't have the time to meditate in the morning, I try to set it as a routine for the evening. Due to my job, often I have dinner outside, but when I get home, even if it's a bit late, I still like to have my 10 minutes of meditation. Btw this is yet my second session, and I need to better experiment the advantages of the meditation.

Amalie C.
People do meditate in the morning right when they wake up. By meditating in the morning for even 5 minutes before you do anything else will help to start your day on a positive note. If you find it hard meditating in the morning then do it right before you go to bed in order to relieve all the stress from the day and clear your mind to start fresh the next morning. I also find it helps you get a better nights sleep!

Jeppe U.
Its all about making time for yourself, meditating in the morning make the rest of your day more focused, this habit Will improve your performance in all aspects of your life. You dont need much, 10 minutes is enough, even 5 minutes is enough.

Mason E.
You can meditate as a separate action or while doing other things. It can be as short as one minute or even longer than 2 hours. The action is all in the mind. Look into Thich Nhat Hanh’s meditation writing and guidance.

Altiva Q.
I do it as soon as I wake up. It’s a great way to start your day and clear your mind. I always do it before I go to sleep to relax x

Meghan W.
I always wake up a lot earlier than necessary. Mornings for me are precious and the best time of the day. Just make sure not to meditate more than 20 minutes

Petros C.
I may be one of those people in the minority who choose to meditate in mid-afternoon. Reason being, I’m not a morning person (never have been) and hit my stride soon after lunchtime. I prefer doing Mindfulness Coloring, focused breath & body scan types of meditation during that time, which keeps me going until about 5.30 pm. Meditation is so personal a practice that it’s useful to do what & when works for you!

Andrea O.
Time is what you make of it and by putting things in priority, helps you achieve any target you aim.
To meditate sometimes is only needed 2 minutes, but I came to realize time after procrastinating the meditation time, that even 2 minutes are sometimes impossible. Therefore, self discipline has a strong role into your any targets. Good luck

Laly E.
Yes! Many people DO meditate in the morning, and I find it is actually quit easy to find the time if you wake up even just ten minutes earlier and are PRODUCTIVE with you time. We all know that we spend AT LEAST ten minutes scrolling through social media in the a.m.! One thing I do highly recommend while meditating in the morning is getting out of bed before you start. If you stay in bed you probably will just fall back asleep, which could lead to a stressful rushed morning. ( Not a great way to start your day). Personally, I like to roll out my yoga mat and even light a candle or two, this instantly makes my morning routine special.

Karin Z.
Yup! Just sat for a half an hour. I already know that "I have to get up earlier and meditate every morning" for years. Didn't do it, procrastinated… Some months back it got into the stage, where I can't go without it. From my experience, it's good to start small (5 minutes?), and find a seminar where you dive deep (hours) for a couple of days regularly. The result is organic and will grow… One can't will themselves into it. It's a long and winding road, sometimes you'd rather chuck it, but it's worth it!

Heather N.
Any part of the day, where I could sit and observe my inner working,is a meditation for me. Living mindfully doesn't needs a part of day, right… It can be learned anytime, anywhere

M Lani C.
Often I start meditating before I get out of bed. It seems my day can’t get good footing without prayer and meditation and yoga.

Suzanne U.
Wake up earlier. Oversleeping can be as bad for the health as undersleeping. Find balance. It will take work. You can do it.

Signe Z.
If you wake up a bit earlier, or meditate in your car on the way/right before work but meditating in the morning is absolutely advantageous.