How has mediation helped you in your daily life? Give a m example!

Angela F.
Balancing our the bad self talk and horrid self-treatment with love and acceptance and humble dignity. Releasing the ick, instating the GOOD.
Marin C.
Meditation does not just ground me but gives me purpose and calm to my mind and thoughts. I became more compassionate with myself, accepting bad thoughts as just a thought and not myself. I tend to meditate in the bus on the way to work, in the morning, at night. I like guided meditation, but I find myself as self talking better when alone
Lisa A.
I started doing meditation from last four days i had helped me a lot like it blocked my negative thoughts and i feel calm all day as a student it increased my consentration level and theres a lot of benifits of meditation…
Wish you a peaseful day🌺